Revana Terroir Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2016


Let’s see; Monday I did a “Wine of the Week,” Tuesday the latest edition of “Wine Tasting Tell All,” Wednesday was a regular (well, nothing is “regular” on my blog) post, and as I haven’t met anybody that I can write a “Meet the Winemaker” column, I’m left with a “Wine-Sum-More” post. This actually works out very well considering the wine I’m bringing to you. It happens that I could have written about this wine under any (except the “Meet the Winemaker”) of my columns. It’s a great wine, I found it at a wine tasting and this will be less formal so it qualifies for the category I’m eventually placing this under, “Wine-Sum-More.”

As I stood there at the wine tasting perusing the many wines, I happened across a couple that looked particularly interesting, i.e. Cabernets! One by one I started my quest (appropriate word as I just got the first season of Game of Thrones on CD and plan to binge-watch to catch up now that’s it’s ending – late to the party I know). Anyway, the last wine was of more than just a passing interest. As I’ve mentioned in a couple of recent posts, I am eagerly awaiting wines, mostly cabs, from Napa from the 2016 vintage. This one qualified!

Revana Terroir Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Being familiar with the name and knowing that the wines are now made under the direction of Thomas Rivers Brown after reading a recent article in Wine Spectator, a little more digging and it gets even better; as the winery explains: “Renowned winemaker Heidi Barrett has been responsible for crafting the exceptional wines of the Revana Estate vineyard since its first vintage in 2001. She has left an indelible imprint and today winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown continues the tradition of making world-class Cabernet Sauvignon in the Revana style.” Two world-class winemakers!

The wine was world-class as well! Slightly more fruit driven with a rustic quality to balance it out. Full-bodied but with subtle tannins making this a wine to enjoy either now or to find a place in the cellar to age gracefully for another 5 to 10 years. Click here for more technical information. This wine also confirms my suspicions, and hopes, that the 2016 Vintage in Napa will produce other outstanding wines that will end up on this blog and, more importantly, in my cellar!

One last item. The wines of Revana are not easily acquired. Most are sold directly from the winery, but it does distribute a small allotment in certain states, I guess Illinois is one of those. Okay, two items. To avoid a little sticker shock, I will mention that the Terroir Series comes in just under $100, compared to the Napa Estate Vineyard Cabernet that retails around $165. Not inexpensive, but as I’ve said many times, “Quality Never Is!”


I'll Take Two


Got to thinking the other day, not sure why, but it had to do with the fact that I rarely buy more than a few bottles of any one wine (same vintage) even if I REALLY like it. This whole mental experience (notice I didn't say breakdown) began when I had purchased a wine, very nice needless to say, but I am anyway, that was "just up my alley." The wine shop ad showed it had just received a glowing 92 point review from Wine Spectator, and at $18 a bottle, like I said: "right up my alley." Okay, so I actually said "just" instead of "right" but put them together they make "just right" which the wine was!


The wine was the Arnaud Lambert Saumur White Breze Clos de Midi 2017. A crisp and beautiful Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley. Seeing a combination of Stainless Steel and neutral French Oak aging, this was such an enjoyable wine. Stone fruit flavors with a slight honey note finalizing with crisp acidity beckoning you back for more.

How does this lead me to my conundrum (not to be confused with a wine by the same name)?

I only bought one bottle just to try and if I liked it, to write it up for a "Wine of the Week." BUT I REALLY LIKED IT! So my mind started conjuring up my options. That's when it hit me. (A thought not the wine).

Why am I hesitating? I love the wine, it's a great price and it's still available. The more I thought about it, I realized that this happens to me more than once in a blue moon (although as I think of it, they were talking about a pink moon tonight). The gears in my head start to turn and the analytical left side of my brain takes over. I'm tempted to write down the pros and cons on a piece of paper (yes, I still use paper instead of my computer/phone/tablet). I say tempted as I didn't have to. Not realizing that I do this naturally, my desire to explore more wines leads me to buy "different" wines rather than go back to the "tried and true." Just had never given it much, if any, thought.


I wonder how many other wine drinkers/explorers out there do the same thing. It's probably like the Universe and extraterrestrials, they exist but doubt I'll ever run into one.

So there you go, another post from the inner workings of my mind. So what was the outcome of that great Chenin Blanc? Still debating at the moment, but leaning heavily on ordering more. Also, since I kind of reviewed the wine here, doing a "Wine of the Week" column for it seems a little redundant. But for the record, BUY IT! Unlike me, take two!