My Last Sauvignon Blanc for the Season - I Think Not!

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The end of Summer; just around the corner lies cooling temperatures bringing about the changeover from white wine to those hardy reds. I know that it just doesn’t happen overnight, and white wines will be drunk throughout the remainder of the year. Looking back over the last few months I did seem to do my fair share of reviews of that good ole wine I love “Sauvignon Blanc.”

I was trying not to do many more, but this one snuck its way in and called to me to “give me a try!” I had to oblige so here we go.

Matetic EQ Coastal Sauvignon Blanc 2018


This wine really did sneak in at the last moment. An e-mail alerting me to this wine and tempting me with a 93 Point Review, what’s a geek like me to do but go out, buy a bottle and drink it. Oh, and for good measure, write a review on it?

What was really tempting is that I’ve had some awfully good Sauv Blancs from Chile in the past, so that made it harder to resist. At a price of $14, now it’s a no-brainer! From the Casablanca Valley located in Central Chile, the grapes for this wine come from the Valle Hermoso vineyard, just 6 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Most of the fermentation was done in Stainless Steel with a small portion transferred to concrete amphora vessels and oak barrels. “Me likey!”

Matetic has three labels, EQ (EQUILIBRIO - the Spanish word for Balance) is one of them. This wasn’t the first time I’ve had their wines, I remember them from many years ago. Solid wines! I was very pleased when I saw how well this wine was reviewed and from my own position, I would agree. Starting with aromas of citrus and other tropical fruits the wine made its entre to my palate with those same traits. My first thought that came to mind was “PURE!” Lively with a crisp background along with slight minerality (coming from the oak aging and the granite terroir). The wine continued to delight through a nice medium finish that quenched my thirst.

So maybe I can make this one of the last Sauvignon Blancs of the Season!

Not a chance!


Rebel Without a Cause

wine i couldn't resist 2.png

Maybe a better title would be “Wineaux Without a Clue.”

Let me explain, pleeeese….

Before I even get started I know once I reveal the substance of this post I will here a roar of laughter from somms and other wine folk, even those across the Great Pond! I myself am wondering if maybe, unlike Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory” where he always insists that he’s not crazy because his mother had him tested, I, on the other hand, cannot make that same claim and should succumb to further testing.

Here it is. With my affinity (still not the wine) towards my love of pairing food with wine, I had a, what might only be concluded, as a psychotic break. As I mentioned in my last post, I want to start transitioning to more red wines versus all the whites that I’ve been doing for the Summer. So this particular evening I’m feeling in the mood for one of those big rich lush Napa Cabs in my cellar. Caution to the wind about food for the moment I scourer my cellar for just such a wine. And find:

O’Shaughnessy Napa Valley Cabernet 2014

oshau cab.jpg

Since I recently did a review of this wine, and emptied one in my stomach back in July for good measure, this might have been redundant, but nothing like going to a wine you know to get that warm fuzzy feeling I so wanted this particular evening. (I really need to get a life, and possibly a woman!)

Next comes the meal planning. Just went to the store and while nothing exciting, I did pick up some Grass-Fed Ground Beef and some Salmon. I know what you’re thinking, best option, the beef. No not this rebel. I went straight for the Salmon. Not a total faux pas, but leaning in that direction. It’s what I added to the mixture that makes for an interesting (who am I kidding) ludicrous pairing.

oshaun dinner.jpg

To go along with this laughable start, I added Asparagus (getting closer) and a Horseradish Cream Sauce (total defiant behavior for any true wineaux). Fish, Asparagus and Horseradish, what next? That was everything.

In my defense, what little there may be, the food was wonderful. The wine even more so. Just like a few months ago, the wine carried deep dark rich and lush fruit components with nice tannins and a long lingering but smooth finish. This was a great wine to help kick off my return to more red wines. Another item in my defense, I could have opted for the Mount Veeder or Howell Mountain wines, a much more serious infraction of wine etiquette, at least in my mind.

So now that the laughter has died down, at least I’m hoping so, I can return as a more “normal” wine advocate and start thinking about some food pairings that won’t get me laughed out of the collective.

No guarantees mind you, but without further testing (on me), I’ll have to presume that I’m fully functional and ready to take on the next challenge. I guess only time will tell. Until then I’m just a “Wineaux Without a Clue.”