Hidden Ridge 55% Slope Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

hidden ridge 2009.jpg

You finally drink that last bottle of wine that held your heart for so long (boy do I need a significant other). That’s what happened to me over this weekend. The Hidden Ridge 55% Slope Cabernet 2009 was the first tremendously successful cab that I bought and sold at the wine shop. More than anyone else in Illinois (at least that’s what my wine rep told me and I’m going with that). Did a comparison tasting to their 2013 back a little over a year ago. Details here.

Excerpt from my previous post: “So you know the story, this is a wine that is made from grapes that happen to be on the West side of the Mayacamas Mountain range. That means it's Sonoma. On the East side rests Napa. That difference means a savings of a good 50% over Napa Cabs! The 55% means the grapes are literally grown on the mountain slopes that have a 55% slope to them (this means the vines struggle for their nutrients - a good thing). They are at an average altitude of 1500 feet, meaning they are mountain fruit (another good thing). They produce about 3,000 cases per year of this wine and a much smaller amount of what they call their Impassable Mountain Reserve. 2013 was rated 100 Points by Wine Advocate. Small production, you guessed it, another good thing.”

Not sure what prompted me to pull out that last bottle, maybe nostalgia, maybe the age of the wine, or maybe just looking for a great bottle of wine with dinner. Whatever the reason, when I opened the wine I was transported to the past to rekindle my love of this wine. There’s a sad note to this story; the winery was purchased some years ago and has been rebranded under Immortal Estate. There has, from what I can determine, been only one vintage produced so far, 2014, and am not sure of availability or how or if the wine has changed.

For now, I will have to be content with living in the past and holding out to drink that 2013.