Bedrock Wine Co. Lorenzo’s Heritage Dry Creek Valley Sonoma County 2012

bedrock lorenzo.jpg

Here it is Labor Day 2019. Anyone else think it strange that to honor the efforts of all those who toil by calling it “Labor Day?” Seems like for all those who strive there should be a better name. After all, with a name like “Labor Day,” then giving people a day off is sort of an oxymoron. Sounds like we should work more rather than less. Maybe double the hours to 16 or better yet, work the entire 24 hours!

I know I’m not going to win any popularity contest with that one, but maybe I could run for office? It might just be confusing enough of a platform to get me noticed. (Hint; that’s sarcasm).

Also, Labor Day is signaling the end of Summer. A day when people all throughout our country make sure they breakout the ole grill and fire it up. Be it gas, charcoal or wood, whatever your choice of flame or smoke, it is our rite of passage. Hurling massive amounts of red meat over an open fire to char the poor thing into oblivion, while we stand back and take so much pride in our achievement.

Sarcasm? Not at all! It’s just that, as I have exclaimed in many a prior post, I do not own a grill, so I have to take my pride in my achievement through my gas oven. Not as sexy I know, but then again, the cleanup and smoke and that burnt char on the meat is not something I need deal with.

Like most, I have my meat planned and sides ready to go. The traditional “Baby Back Ribs” with potatoes and greens lay in wait. So no pix in this post of my food. Thou I do want to thank an old friend of mine (she would kill me if she read that I called her old), for introducing me to a company that produces some excellent spice rubs; Char Crust. Headquartered in Chicago, I’m not sure how far their marketing area goes if you go looking for it. They do have a website where you can order. I usually use their Roasted Garlic Peppercorn rub, use it on almost everything. I did buy their Southwest Chipotle rub for a change and plan to use it this time around for the ribs.

Lastly, I had to plan the wine I was going to drink while munching on those wonderful ribs. I know they are wonderful and I can talk about the wine because, in all truthfulness, I had a dry-run of the exact same thing a couple of days ago, I couldn’t wait!

Dry-rubbed ribs in a 250° oven for 4 hours, if I feel like it, slather the ribs with a Bar-B-Q sauce for the last half hour (I did that the other day so probably won’t today). Get the other fixin’s ready and, unlike the other day when I used my trusty Coravin, I will pop the cork today to finish the wine off.

I promised (at least I think I did) that I wouldn’t use the Flintstone reference anymore, so I’m not! Been a big fan of Bedrock Wine for years and love what they do and their passion for producing great wine. From single vineyard / single varietal to their blended wines from areas across Northern California.

I don’t really celebrate Labor Day, but that doesn’t mean I’m not pulling out all the stops and going for the gusto (too much like a beer commercial?) This wine was a perfect choice. The Lorenzo’s Heritage is comprised of dry-farmed vines planted between 1900 and 1940 on the Dry Creek bench, known as Teldeschi Ranch. Composed of roughly 60% Zinfandel, 25% Carignane, and the remainder Petite Sirah, Alicante Bouschet, Cinsualt, Valdigue and a few other odds and ends. The care given to winemaking is obvious if you’ve ever tried their wines. Minimal intervention and their obsession towards quality over quantity (most of their wines are low production).

This wine’s production amounted to only 500 cases! While I usually try and use my own words to describe a wine, I’m going to let the 94 Point review from Wine Spectator take the lead: “The aroma recalls a warm summer day in the vineyard, with scents of wild berry, dried flowers and sage. The flavors are deep and distinctive, showing notes of smoky pepper, mineral and grilled anise, and the tannins gain power on the finish.” Ditto! For the record I was just too lazy today to come up with my own words.

So as I sit here awaiting the moment I prepare the ribs, apply the spice rub and wait those long arduous 4 hours, I know I will be rewarded by both food and drink on this Labor Day 2019! May your day today bring you happiness and the comfort and friendship of those around you.

“Yabba Dabba Doo!” I just couldn’t help myself!