Bedrock Wine Co. Hudson Vineyard South T’n’S-Blocks Carneros Syrah 2014

bedrock syrah.jpg

While I make no guarantees, I’m hoping that this will be the last time I review a wine from Bedrock Wine Company and NOT use the vailed association with good ole’ Fred Flintstone and his native city.

For now, I’ll stick to reviewing my most recently extracted wine from my cellar (sounds too much like a trip to the dentist). Bedrock Wine Co. Hudson Vineyard South T’n’S-Blocks Carneros Syrah.

From the vineyards of Lee Hudson, this time comes a phenomenal Syrah, right beside the tremendous Chardonnays I love from his vineyards. Added to the talent at Bedrock, I had no doubt what this wine would bring to the table (literally, as I had it with dinner), the richness and depth of dark red fruit in concert with a minerality and slight herb notes leading to a nice rustic yet dried fruit and long finish. Layers of flavor come from meticulous farming and winemaking. 50% Whole Cluster Press and a combo of smaller barriques and larger puncheons help present the ambrosia, being deep and dark, that resides in the glass. Yabba Dabba Doo!!

I am, and probably will always be, a fan of Bedrock Wines. Quality of this sort is something you never want to lose sight of. I’m sure there will be more reviews coming as well. As I mentioned, I’ll try to leave out the Flintstones part! “But no guarantees!”