Flora Springs Trilogy Napa Valley 2014


Sitting down to write this episode of “Wine-Sum-More” I find myself in an unusual position. For some time I’ve been seeing those gargantuan wine companies gobble up winery after winery. Wondering to myself “Which one of my favorites will be next?”

Lately though, I seem to be stumbling (not due to my age) across many more wineries that are, and have been, the lifeblood of various regions (we’re talking mostly California here). Wineries that were started in the heyday of wine production, or even earlier. More surprising to me, is that they are still either owned by the original family or bought by others who have continued a family tradition of ownership. I feel a new dinner composed of “my words” coming soon! (If you need help on that one, it’s just “eating my own words”).

The winery that sparked my revelation this time: Flora Springs.

From their retirement in the mid-1970s and settling in St. Helena, Jerry & Flora Komes were the impetus of what was to be the winery named Flora Springs. Started by their children but with the love of the entire family, they have remained family owned for over 40 years.

Their flagship wine “Trilogy” to be my wine this particular evening. A Bordeaux style blend of 86% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Malbec, 6% Petit Verdot and aged for 22 months in 85% French oak and 15% American oak with all the fruit coming from their estate. Opening to a lush bloom of aromas rising from the glass, pausing for a moment to allow the full experience of the wine. That first drop, or maybe a few, assailing my palate with a complexity that showed depth, dark fruit, and true Bordeauxesque quality. Lingering on the finish as I savored each second until the next sip.

So once again I now face a family owned winery that has been producing wines of quality and distinction for many years. For me, that’s a good thing. (No that wasn’t meant to be a plug using Martha’s tag line).