I Woke Up This Morning


First off, whew, thank goodness for that!

THEN I had the unfortunate timing of reading my news features surrounding not just wine but pretty much everything, or at least as I see them and have prioritized my news feed (for the record, 30 years ago I would have thought that meant that I was going to be eating my newspaper).

Usually, I begin with news from the wine world. This particular morning the news started with an article centering on the fact that in Italy, specifically the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions, the vineyards that grow so much of the Prosecco, is going through very harmful soil erosion. Oh no, one of the most popular and biggest selling wines is under attack! Due to its popularity, vineyards are producing more of that bubbly than ever before and the resulting lack of, what the article called – denuded, soil means more runoff after rains thus eroding the topsoil away. Since I’m just pointing out headlines, I’m not going to get into the pros and cons or any other environmental issues. I’ll leave that to others.

Then, on the flip side, I read that the English are now producing more bubbly than ever before! Another “Whew, that was a close one.” Can never have too much bubbly but losses are totally unacceptable. I knew that the English Bubbly was gaining in popularity as I’ve actually been pouring a couple at tastings since late last year. So I knew something was afoot, or a vine…lame. Leave it to the English to save the day.


Meandering the remaining pages of my news stories, I come across something that I have known for a long time but was a rehash of the information. The old “Do what you'll love, and you'll never work another day in your life.” Amen. For most of my working life, I had a job I liked, not sure I could say I loved. Now that I’m retired, while it’s hard to apply in that case, it does have some credibility as now I am doing something that I love. Drink, talk and write about wine. So, all in all, I guess I’m “living the dream!”

Oh no! Now, as a recipient of Social Security, the next story I read is that the Social Security System is going broke. Maybe an overstatement, but they are saying that there will only be enough money for about 85% of the benefits now being paid out. Déjà vu kicks in. How so? I remember back as a young whippersnapper that I heard the same thing. Social Security would be broke long before I get even close to retirement. So that didn’t happen, YET! The rhetoric still sounds the same. So many Baby Boomers, not enough money being put into the system for when all of us (Baby Boomers again) retire. Now I’m no economist, maybe good at math and reasoning, but I have my doubts about the “future.” Yes, there are more Baby Boomers retiring, but we are also dying. I read (not during this round of stories), that the Millennials actually outnumber the Baby Boomers, doesn’t that mean more money into the system? Unemployment is at record lows as well. As with the Prosecco issue above, I’m going to leave it at this point as I could ramble on for pages and pages about this issue. Besides, my soapbox is broken.

I’m stopping here as there are days when I’m not sure just how much “News” I want to absorb. This being one of them. No, I would rather “Do What I Love” and return to drinking, talking and, as this blog can testify, write about wine.