Rhys "Horseshoe Vineyard" Chardonnay 2013


Situated just South of Palo Alto in the Santa Cruz Mountains lies a small but intriguing winery; Rhys Vineyards. Six of their Estate Vineyards being located just off the coast of California. For this tasting, I turned towards their production in Chardonnay, their other wines focusing on Pinot Noir and a small amount of Syrah, specifically, their Horseshoe Vineyard and the Chardonnay produced from the 2013 Vintage.

Santa Cruz finds many a top-notch winery; Ridge, Mount Eden and Thomas Fogarty (just had me a bottle of their Santa Cruz Mountain Chardonnay) to name but a few. With its shale soil, Horseshoe Vineyards produces a slightly more mineral wine. Never fear, however, the wine does not skimp on lovely stone fruit flavors and a rich buttery nuttiness (how’s that for throwing two flavors together?). The wine, litheness in body, but with firmness and generous mouthfeel. Alas, while this wine seeks to continue its journey to even better times given longer aging, I will have to settle for this bottle alone as is as this was my only bottle.

Rhys is one of those wineries whose wines are very hard to come by, generally selling only to their members. They do have a label that is more widely distributed and gives the mother winery a run for its money; Alesia. Splurge if you can, the attention and handcrafted quality is worth the price.