Takin' a Break??

takin break.JPG

Lately I seem to have put down the wine glasses in favor of "other" beverages. Not doing a "cleanse" or trying to lose weight (although there has been barely a time when I didn't think I needed to "drop a few pounds"). Nor has my dinner regime changed requiring me to look elsewhere for the right drink.

No, I think it's just that once in a while I need to "let go" of my addiction (?) to that alcoholic grape juice I so love. Reset my palate, refining my sense of smell by trimming my nose hairs (ugh disgusting), sharpen my focus (although switching from contacts back to glasses a couple years ago has made things much easier), and maybe even tackling my makeshift home cellar again (never thought about how often that's necessary when you have a more limiting space and you're constantly taking bottles out and then trying to insert others in spaces that are not consistent with the current organization).

It has been strange not immediately searching my cellar for that "right" bottle to go with that night's dinner. Sort of an "Out-of-Body" experience even. Asking myself if some strange power has taken over my mind (for the record - there's not much there). Maybe a hypnotic spell cast upon me at some unsuspecting moment. I've been watching a couple of movies on DVD; maybe they inserted an unconscious message promoting abstinence from wine and hinting at beer or hard liquor. I bet if I played them backward I might hear and see that inducement.


How do I break this curse? Seek out professional help? I think not, that could open up a real can of worms! Put a helmet of aluminum foil around my head to protect me from outside "elements!" Possible, but if I leave the house I'm thinking I could get a lot of strange stares (not sure that doesn't happen anyway). Grab the first wine bottle I see and force myself to cut the foil, pull the cork and pour that luscious liquid into one of my many wine glasses? I think we may have a winner!

Don't think, just do! No regards to dinner plans, or even if dinner need be warranted. It'll have to be red as I have an affliction for warm white wine. Keep me in your thoughts as I prepare to do battle against forces I don't even understand. Rain or shine (have no idea how that would impact this) success or failure (that's more like it) I'll keep you informed.

Stay tuned and Cheers!