Do As I Say, Not As I Do

How many times have you heard me say (technically, it’s read my words) concerning how I love to discover new wines rather than go back to a certain wine or winery? If you read my blog, many times, if not, this will obviously be the first.


Anyway, after this, I guess I’ll be flagged as one of those “Do as I Say, Not as I Do” kind of people. “How so?” you may ask. Recently I attended another industry event. First off, hats off to Wilson Daniels! This is the second time I’ve been to an event they sponsored, this one “Tour Italia.” As the name implies, this tastings was all about Italian wines. Again, if you read my past posts, you may remember that I “succumbed” to Italian wines through a local wine shop, the manager loved Italian wines and by coincidence introduced me to many a wine from the legendary 1997 Vintage. What a way to start – AT THE TOP!

Enough history, let us move on.

Fast forward to maybe around the beginning of 2014. I’m vigorously pouring through recent reviews of the 2010 Vintage for Barolos, an almost flawless vintage for the region. I knew I had to act fast if I had any chance to secure any allocations. You snooze you lose in this game! Fortunately for me, I acted quickly enough and, with the help of my local distributor (here’s where I give a shout out to the wine distributor in Illinois for assisting me to obtain the wine and also for their invitation to this industry event; Tenzing) I was able to secure an allotment, sight unseen (technically I guess that’s untasted) of:

Elvio Cogno Barolo Ravera 2010


From that moment on I was in love (no disrespect towards any future or past relationships). The wine caught on as well, selling multiple cases of that first vintage. When that sold out, I had no choice but to buy the 2011. Oh, the horror! But wait s'il vous plait (wait, that’s French not Italian)! 2011 is ANOTHER great vintage, so no stopping me now! And then? 2012 Vintage maybe a slight dip for the vintage but the wine still shines! 2013 and 2014 continue to roll on with the wine still garnering excellent reviews. To see how the wine fared with a few of the reviewers, click here, for a rundown by vintage.

At the tasting event, I was introduced to the 2015 Vintage, this was probably a pre-sale as I don’t think it’s been released as of yet. Another home run, touchdown, slam dunk and in the net (wanted to cover most of the sports jargon that I could).

From its beginning in 1961, Elvio Cogno has been producing wines from the Langhe on their property in Novello, one of only eleven areas where Barolo DOCG production is allowed. Made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes and aged for 24 months in large Slavonian Oak barrels, the wine begins with beautiful aromatics, enticing you to take your first sip. I know better. I need to savor the aromas, captivating and tantalizing me of what is to come. Now about this time, and in a crowded room, I’m guessing that between the look on my face and looking at my glass as one might do with your significant other, people might be shying away from me wondering “what the heck!” (I do try and keep things clean).

Never one to worry about what anyone may think, I continue to swirl the glass and ponder what is next. Down the hatch! Nah, it was really just a nice sip, but what a sip! While still young, the wine shows potential for greatness just as earlier vintages have done. Rustic, dry and dark red fruit gives you an immediate sense of a full-bodied wine with structure and fine balance. The finish is long and continues to beckon you, but you agonize as the first sip has not yet dissipated.

I need to stop now as my arousal during this interlude has become almost obscene.



As I pointed out in the beginning (seems so long ago), I have found a wine that I just keep going back to over and over, rather than find “the next new wine.” So in the end, I guess I am that “Do as I Say, Not as I Do” kind of person.