Orin Swift Papillon 2014

Papillon 2014.jpg

What an apropos category for this post. Just what I want to do “Whine-some-more!” The wine for this issue of “Wine-Sum-More,” started off on what I consider the wrong foot!

At a local restaurant (the name withheld to protect the guilty) I was asked to choose a wine to open for a small group of friends. In fairness to the establishment, they are going through some changes. What I saw on the wine list was the Orin Swift Papillon 2016. Now you’re probably asking “Then why are you reviewing 2014?” Let me tell you….

I pointed out the wine selection to my server and awaited their return. Before opening the bottle, I ALWAYS check to make sure it’s what I ordered. My examination revealed that they had brought out the 2014 Vintage. Having had 2014 before I knew it was delicious but I was really hoping to try the untested (for me anyway) 2016 Vintage. What did I do? Let me tell you….

Realizing that this was about picking a great wine and not about me being able to try something new, I politely opted to keep the 2014 and have them open it for the group. At this point, you’re probably ready to tell me to “shut up and move on.” Which I was ready to do but I remembered in the Old Fart Handbook that crotchety old men are supposed to be ornery and ALWAYS complaining. Torn between duty and politeness, I eventually succumbed to the later.

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Malbec, & Cabernet Franc and matured for 16 months in French oak, 40% which was new, this just keeps getting better with age. Dense blackberry fruit with a vein of tannins running through the wine and subtle nuances of earthiness, culminating in a long fully enjoyable finish. Click here for more technical notes. This wine has many more years in which to develop and should do so nicely. What did everyone else think? Let me tell you….(I know, enough with the LMTY)

Fully enjoyed by everyone! So mission accomplished, even if it was the wrong wine! No hard feelings toward the restaurant or staff, but it does remind wine drinkers that you may want to check what you ordered versus what showed up at your table.