What Wine?

With some of the recent news surrounding the title of Sommelier and Master Sommelier, I thought it best to see if I could find the most recent version of the movie series Somm. Specifically, Somm III.


Persistence and a trip to my library online catalog paid off. I think it’s available through any number of services as well. Settling in for the evening, I start the movie with not a lot of expectations. I’ve seen the first and second installments of the Series. So far it has been interesting and enlightening. I didn’t read any reviews for number tres, so it’s all going to be new.

A slightly different concept to this one. Without trying to spoil it for anyone else, I’ll just say that the movie centers on a blind wine tasting of Pinot Noirs from various places around the globe. It’s the last part of the movie that intrigued me the most. Where Somm I focused on the dedication and the required knowledge of wine along the determination of a few candidates that were looking to become part of the small group of “Master Sommeliers,” Somm II took that to the next level of what do these Master Sommeliers do with their credentials and a look into wine production in general.


Somm III uses the cliché with three of the foremost experts in wine and what wine “did it for them.” I’m not trying to be negative about it, just that same question was used in the movie “Sideways” when Miles (Paul Giamatti) was talking to Maya (played by Virginia Madsen) about what wine “did it for them.” I think that’s probably a pretty common question among wine drinkers and especially folks in the business. Hint; don’t ask me, I have no recollection if there was that “one wine.”

A group of drinkers convene to blind taste those six Pinot Noirs. Those get lessened to three wines through a scoring system. It’s those three wines that are then blind tasted by the three noted experts. Maybe this is when I should call a “spoiler alert.”

Of the three wines and the three tasters, THEY ALL CHOSE A DIFFERENT WINE THAT THEY LIKED THE MOST! They acknowledged all where great wines, but that their individual preferences where all different. For me, that wasn’t necessarily a surprise, I’ve been saying personal preference is what matters to most of us who drink wine for pleasure. Professionals have a different standard and outlook about wine. That’s okay! It might be interesting to get a non-professional wine drinker to watch the movie and see what their reaction is to the tasting and the results. Eh!

So what now?

Maybe wait for Somm IV? Not sure if that’s in the works or even on the drawing board. No, I think I’ll just go back to blogging about wine. A movie reviewer, I have decided, I am not!