What's Your New Year's Resolution?

My Resolutions!!

My Resolutions!!

It’s the first few days of 2019 and if you’re like most of us, you’ve probably thought about, or actually made, some resolutions for the New Year. Me, I’ve never been one to entertain that tradition. It’s a little like having a bucket list, which I don’t have either.

You see, as a professional procrastinator, I know myself so well that telling myself that I want to “go to the gym more often and lose weight” (that’s got to be number one in the country) or “get my finances in order” doesn’t work! I don’t have a lot of good excuses (no time or little to no money to begin with), no, I “just don’t do it!” Sort of like an anti-Nike commercial.

The bucket list is more of, again being a procrastinator, an issue that I don’t wish to pass with a whole bunch of things I didn’t accomplish! Sort of a “no regrets” kind of thing. More power to those that have a list and make strides to check off each and every item.

Back to resolutions. I can’t say that I’m going to “drink less” either. That would be counter-intuitive to the work I do. I’m sure there are those that might still make that particular resolution and be able to carry it out. For me, not so much...after all, I enjoy drinking and I enjoy writing. If I wanted to forgo potential health issues, I might even resolve to drink even more and review more wines than I do now, thus spurring on my chosen path. Common sense tells me I’m probably at a good point for consumption. However, it does open up ONE area that shouldn’t cause any concerns!


While I think that I write a fair amount for my blog, I have had a nagging idea in my brain for some time. I know writing has been in my blood for a long time (most of my adult life, consequently “a long time”). I was cleaning out some shelves and a file cabinet right around year end (that was not a resolution, just had more time on my hands and bored at the same time), and while looking through some old picture albums (Millennials, ask your parents what those are) I came across a couple of interesting items. The first was an essay I did for my English class in High School. I don’t remember what year I was in, but written on the first page from my teacher was a comment that said: “Put this away for 20 years and then read it again, you’ll get a big laugh out of it!” Wow, I was even funny as a youngster! I just didn’t know it. Unfortunately, like some great wines out there I’m not sure I can wait for another 20 to 40 years to be considered funny, if ever!

I also ran into a series of articles I wrote in 1981 when I was working for a discount brokerage firm called Letterman Transactions (they later became part of Charles Schwab & Co.) It started as the “Letterman Lampoon” but that then changed for the second issue to “The Unknown Newspaper.” Picking up its final name with the third edition as (and I have to do this right or it losses in the translation):




Catchy title, right? Read down and you find “Wall Street Journal.” (If you’re reading this on a cell phone, it may not be formatted correctly to read down). It ran an astounding amount of time, right through July 24, 1981, five whole months, give or take!

A born writer if I may say so.

Fast forward to current day and I’m now putting much more time and effort into my blog. For the last couple years the other idea I had (as I’ve said many times, “that’s dangerous”), I have been thinking about writing a book. My true inspiration was after I watched the movie “Lady Bird.” Funny story and one those under 30 or so probably won’t get, I thought it was about Lady Bird Johnson, the wife of Lyndon B. Johnson, or 36th President (she went by Lady Bird).

No, this was what was called a “coming of age” movie about a teenager. It was nominated and won a multitude of awards. Now I’m not a movie critic, I’m more like the wine drinker who just knows what they like and don’t like but can’t tell you why, but it looked like a biographical movie highlighting a young woman’s life (over-simplification I’m sure). I surmised that if people find her life interesting, then just maybe, they’ll see my life even more so (over-compensating).

So that’s my, for right now, resolution for 2019. Write an autobiographical novel? Short story? Okay, vignette?? Whatever it turns out to be, not to worry, my blog shouldn’t suffer, only those who read it will do so!!


I’ve already started my homework (yuck, I thought I was over that after my school days), laid out a rough outline and started jotting down my remembrances from as far back as I can remember. There were a couple of real surprises of things about my life I recalled. Any relatives out there have nothing to worry about. Names won’t be used.

So there you have it! My ONE resolution for 2019 and the first in many a year! Other than remembering to write the date using 2019 or just 19 on checks (Millennials, again ask your parents what those are) or other documents, life goes on the way it was a few days BEFORE the end of the year. No fanfare here (I was sleeping by Ten P.M. New Year’s Eve), just opening a new chapter in my life that just so happens to coincide with the New Year.

Should anyone be so inclined, you’re welcome to leave me a few of your 2019 Resolutions. Hey, it might give me some ideas (don’t worry, no names will be used!).