Is Life Too Short To Drink Bad Wine?

An interesting thing happened to me today.  Well, interesting to me anyway and not something that hasn't happened before.

I drank wine that, oh the horror, I didn't like!

As I said, I've had that happen before, so it's not exactly new to me.  BUT, what did happen, is it got me thinking (yeah, always a bad thing) about what do I do about a wine I don't like and writing this blog?

If you've been a steady reader, and by that I mean if you've even read one of my posts, then you would probably see that I ONLY write about wines that I like.  Full disclosure, I know I've mentioned a few that "were not my style."  That's about as close as I've ever come to being negative.  My thinking is that if I'm going to write about something, in this case wine, then I should concentrate on the positives not the negatives, or at least as I see them.


Like many of my posts, I start out by thinking about a meal and what to serve with that meal.  Alternatively, I start out with a wine and think what can I make to compliment the wine.  The prior was the case for this particular situation.  I had decided to try a new recipe for Orange Shrimp over rice.  I looked at my wines and decided that a nice Chardonnay might work wonders.  It strikes me that the combination may not be the best, but what the heck, I'll try anything.   I had my mise en place (come on already, I thought the French thing was gone) already to go.  The wine was chilling and I set about getting ready to begin the preparation, I thought, "now is the time to try the wine."

Note the beret!!!

Note the beret!!!

I did.  Opened the puppy up and poured a glass and was ready to savor the moment.  Sacrebleu!  Oops, that's kind of a swear word in French (really, French, again?).  Now I've had my on's and off's with Chardonnay over my wine career.  Right now I'm ON.  But it needs to be the right kind of Chardonnay.  What does that mean?  Mostly balanced, with subtle oak notes, not the vanilla overly buttery type.  Good acidity with structure and nice fruit notes.  Here's where that gets tricky.  Most of those types of Chardonnays tend to be pricey California wines or even pricier White Burgundy (there's that French thing again) wines.

My further dilemma?  Do I write about a wine I don't like or just move on to the next one that I do?  After all, there are those wine drinkers out there that would have loved this wine.  Maybe if it had a story behind it to generate some interest and perk up my writing ability to make things more interesting?  Or maybe not.

I've always known that we wine drinkers all have different palates and preferences.  I've tried to take that into consideration when writing my posts.  I guess my desire to "bring you the best" doesn't allow me to write in negative terms.

So what was the wine?  Not going to tell you!  Better things are left unsaid than to be negative.  Besides, there is too much negativity in our society these days, and I for one, do not wish to add to that.  Even if it's wine!  

Just wait till next Monday for my next "Wine of the Week."  At least you'll know it's a wine that I will like and hope you will as well.  So to me, "Life IS too short to drink bad wine."