More French......Plus Français


More French.  Just what I need, right?  After my last tirade (okay, maybe not a tirade but a huge pronouncement), you'd think that I was over and done with French wines, at least for the moment.  But NO!  Not this wine geek.  No, I'm sitting here on Friday and thinking about my plans for the weekend.


This afternoon, well more like early evening, I have to pour at a tasting, but this is for wines from South America.  Wait, one of the largest grape varietals in Argentina is Malbec.  That's a grape that was brought to South America, predominately Argentina, from, you guessed it, France!  I'm pouring 3 Malbec today.  Oh mon!!  (French for "oh my").

What's even more alarming, is that tomorrow I planning to go to a wine tasting (one of the few weekends in a while I don't have a gig myself) to see a couple of compatriots.  I'm not even sure I can bring myself to say this, but one of them is pouring at a tasting featuring, of all things, FRENCH WINES!  Comment cela peut-il arriver?  Translation: How can this happen?

Well, I know how it can happen, I wake up (hopefully) and after coffee and breakfast I get my butt into the shower and wrap myself in some clothes.  I'm sure most people will appreciate those last two items.  I may have to bring out my blue beret to wear as well.

There is somewhat of a silver lining to this whole episode.  At least at this tasting I can actually taste some of the other wines that are being poured.  Usually, I just look at the wines and unless there is something that jumps out at me that I can't pass up, do I try it.  So this time I have more opportunity to drink MORE French wine.  The suffering I endure for this mission of mine.

What about my other frères du vin?  "Wine brethren."  Well, she's at another shop with a nice selection of, thankfully, American wines.  Oh, and I think a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.  I can live with that.  That will be my second stop, so as to fully recondition my taste buds for my wine I'm having with that night's dinner.  What's planned?  Anything but French!