Wine Tasting Tell All

"Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water."


That may be a bit more analogous (there's that word of the day thing) than need be, and thanks to Jaws 2 for the quote, but just when I thought I couldn't, and wouldn't, be doing any more French tastings, another one pops up.

My last "Wine Tasting Tell All" in the latter part of June, goes to show that I really do like French wines, but even by then, I was pretty much thinking I was done doing an all-French tasting for at least a while.  This was not to be the case as you might surmise from this latest post.

One item I hadn't considered in my earlier post was that Bastille Day is on July 14, a couple of days after this latest tasting.  So that makes sense.


So I'm standing at my table going over my selection of the wines I'm pouring.  A couple things I know right from the get-go is that I'm thinking to myself that (and my apologies to Ricky) "you've got some splainin to do."  How so you may ask.  Well, my first white is a Muscadet, generally, a wine done in a dry style reminiscent of maybe a Sauvignon Blanc.  Not a real common wine and as I guessed correctly (I always like that), a number of folks confused that with Moscato (that sweet wine from Italy).

From there it was a nice Provance Rosé.  This can actually be a harder sell as in all of the French tastings I've done, almost every table had its own Rosé.  C'est la vie.  Okay, too many French tastings as I'm now speaking French as well....

The next two wines are reds from the Rhone Valley.  Both from the quality driven 2015 Vintage.  One made entirely of the grape Carignan, and, not so coincidentally, named "Carignon."  A very pretty wine at a very affordable price.  The second, a gorgeous wine from the Northern Rhone, specifically the Saint-Joseph region, made of 100% Syrah.  If not aware, most reds from the Northern Rhone are always 100% Syrah.  Can't wait to pour this wine.

Rounding out the selections were two new features.  They are called "Sparkling Wine Cocktails" and are made from either a white or Rosé wine to which is added fruit juice carbonation and a couple other ingredients.  Oh, I didn't mention, they are sold in a can!  4 to a pack.  Now I admire innovation, and with all the "experimentation" going on these days with anything alcoholic, it seems a novel idea.

Well, tasting went well and as expected, I did need to clarify the Muscadet/Moscato issue a few times, the reds went over very well with the Saint-Joseph earning great praise.  The Sparkling Wine Cocktails?  Surprisingly, they had a number of believers once people tried them.  I later found out that the store sells quite a bit of these cocktails.

So, another French tasting in the books and I'm ready for a switch to just about anything non-French!  Il est temps de passer à autre chose.  I did it again.  That's French for
"It is time to move on."