Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is one of the few times of the year when I feel that I can splurge a little, or maybe even a lot.  The other day being my birthday, which, while I have no problems celebrating, even at my age, I like to once again dote upon myself.

Not wanting to be too egocentric (word of the day thing), I will offer my best wishes to ALL fathers out there and hope that you enjoy your day.

Why would I think I'm being egocentric (what a great word of the day)?  Because as you're about to see, the first thing I did this morning was to wake up (that's ALWAYS first on my list) and then set out to prepare a scrumptious breakfast (too early to call it brunch) with a great cup of java and, what else, a bottle of Vintage French Champagne.


To get the Champagne part out there right away so I can move on to the food portion of our show.  I chose the 2007 Thienot Cuvee Garance.  A while back I did a post about this particular Champagne House.  If you check out the post, make sure you run the video attached.  I'd still be a buyer of ANY bridge she wishes to sell me!!  The one thing I found out is that I need a wine chiller big enough to fit this bottle.  The one I have only fits the slimmer bottles.  Children are we taking notice???

Extravagance is the word around the house today.  Maybe it's alcohol?  No, it's five o'clock somewhere and besides, Sunday Brunch is (or at least should be) an exception.

Note the Rusty Pelican coffee cup.  It's over 35 years old.  From my days in Newport Beach California.

Note the Rusty Pelican coffee cup.  It's over 35 years old.  From my days in Newport Beach California.

Next up was the brunch that I had been preparing in my head for a few days now.  I love Eggs Benedict, but I try to go easy on bread stuff and the Hollandaise is a killer for me with the butter and my lactose intolerance.  So I had been putting together a myriad of variations.  Eventually settling on a baked portobello cap topped with shredded prosciutto followed by a halved avocado and pouched eggs.  For the sauce, I used my new favorite pre-made salsa from Frontera (Rick Bayless) their Mango Key Lime with Roasted Tomato and Habanero.  You know how they say don't buy something with ingredients you can't pronounce?  Well, there's nothing like that, just good ole basic stuff.  Only thing better from my perspective would be if they had made it Organic.

Pure decadence, right?  It WILL get even more so as this day continues.

For dinner, or do we call it supper, I see a grass-fed piece of beef tenderloin in my future.  Mashed potatoes and creamed spinach (don't worry, I use lactose-free half-and-half) will accompany that piece of meat.  OMG!  While I have numerous wines I can open to enjoy with this dinner, I'm taking things as they come.  I don't think the Champage will carry over to another day, so opening a second bottle might be a bit much.  We'll see!!

So you know that I really am a humble soul, tomorrow I go back to frosted flakes and bananas for breakfast, smoothie for lunch and a humbling dinner.  Like I said, I do this maybe only twice a year.

Whatever tradition or events you may have planned for this day, just please include your father in those events, even if he has passed as mine has.