Hi, It's Don 4 Wine & Food

So I may have to start calling this blog "Hi, It's Don 4 Wine & Food."

With so much time on my hands, I've taken to prepare some special meals for myself to go along with some ridiculously great wine.  

This isn't a "Wine of the Week" column nor a regular post.  No, it's me enjoying what I hope will be great food (that' I've prepared) along with some great wine sitting in my cellar,  

I had been putting a review on a nice little online cellar tracker, aptly name "CellarTracker."  Then I thought (dangerous as always) why not just do a post and give myself full credit and the fun of sitting in front of my computer and belting out one of these things.  So there you go!


Since my retirement, I've been a little more reserved about the food I buy and the meals that I make for myself.  Most of my shopping is done at Whole Foods after all and while they have gotten better, it isn't cheap!  But hey, I'm worth it, right?  Wine not an issue since most of the "good stuff" I bought a while ago.

So tonight I was going to spoil myself.  The other day while shopping I saw what had to be one of the best marbled beef tenderloins I've seen in a long time.  No hesitation, just went for it.  That was a couple days ago, but I had already laid out my meals for the first part of the week so it came down to "tonight's the night."  

Funny joke.  There's a group of people at a seminar on human sexuality (don't worry, this is pretty tame).  The moderator asks for a show of hands on how many people in the group had "relations" (if you have to ask, you're older than me) in the last week.  A fairly large number of folks raise their hands.  Then he asks how many in the last month.  Again, a fair number of people raise their hands.  Lastly, he asks how many in the last year.  One lone man in the back of the room is waving his hands to and fro all excited.  The moderator asks if he only has relations once a year why is he so energetic.  He shouts "tonight's the night, tonight's the night.  See the last sentence of the previous paragraph.

So tonight IS the night.  The last item to be determined is "which wine?"  This CellarTracker lets you list your wines in a variety of ways.  For this evening I decided to look for an older vintage.  Didn't take me long.  If you've been reading my recent posts I have mentioned my affinity for Washington State wines.  Right there in front of me (well, on my computer in front of me), I see the perfect wine.  


Corliss Estates Cabernet Sauvignon 2010.  Not only is this a gorgeous Washington State wine, but, and again if you read my blog, it is made by their winemaker along with my hero "Philippe Melka."  Perfectamundo!!  For the younger folks out there that was a phrase coined by the Fonz on Happy Days.  Why am I even bothering to add that?  Millennials have no clue who and what that is...

Beef Tenderloin, Cabernet Sauvignon Sauce (made with the same Cab I'm drinking), mashed potatoes and a great 95 Point wine.  

Please note proper placement of knife and fork!!

Please note proper placement of knife and fork!!

20 Minutes later, done!  Ah, but the wine she is a still flowing.  At least for a little while longer.

In the interest of not wanting or trying to act all hotsy-totsy and highfalutin, I just had this urge to share this evening with you.  My hope and wish is that everyone can enjoy a great meal from time to time and wash it down with whatever your choice of beverage is.

Stay tuned for next Monday's "Wine of the Week as I bring you a great Pinot Noir along with another wonderfully prepared meal.  Until later