Almost Like Home

It's no surprise, at least to me, that I have been longing to get back into the wine business in a more "hands-on" way.  It's been about a year and a half since I left the wine shop in Hinsdale and I've since dedicated myself to this blog and assisting wine reps at wine tastings (in case you haven't seen, I coined a new title for myself, that of "Wine Ambassador").  Fancy, right??

Anyway, I gave some consideration to working at another wine shop.  That's a hard one in as much as I will probably want to run the whole shebang and I'm not sure anyone's going to want to do that.  For now, I'll keep working as a "wine ambassador" for as long as I can, but recent events have made me think about other ways in which I can be more involved.


Interestingly, I have been to a few trade tastings recently, which have made me a little more "homesick," but has transported me back to the good ole days when I was that wine buyer for the shop.  Having wines upon wines to sample and critique, to weigh the attributes of one wine to another to determine the best wine to choose not for my consumption (okay, yeah I'll be drinking them too) but for the consumption of my perspective wine customers.  

In case you've never been to a trade tasting, and I'm not sure why you would unless you're in the business, they are much more than the wine tastings that wine shops provide to their customers.  Usually hosted by specific wine distributors, these events showcase a good portion of the wines they distribute, and can also represent new releases of wines or new vintages of previous wines.  Either way, it can be a real eye-opener.

The few trade events that I've been to so far have set my heart aflutter.  Did I really just use aflutter??  May sound strange, but then again, I had a great time.  Trying so many different wines from so many countries and all the various grape varietals.  It is Nirvana for someone like me.  (Remember, too, I'm easily pleased).  My only regret is that my wonderful and wine savvy daughter can't attend these events with me as she doesn't live around these here parts.  I'm using the cowboy slang as she lives in Colorado and I just watched 2 episodes of "The Rifleman."  Black and white no less....

I have had a couple of ideas as to how I might be able to put my passion for wine to work again.  Since those ideas are still in their infancy, I'll hold onto them myself for now.  Should anything click, I'm sure you will know about it!

More trade tastings in the next couple weeks so you never know what other fascinating and wonderful things I'll be able to write about coming up (laying it on a little much I'd say), so stay tuned (more from the TV thing) for more posts.  Until then,