The Shape of Water

Given the title, you might think that I've become a film critic.  No, while I can and do enjoy movies from time to time, I haven't been to a movie since I don't know how long.  This is actually about the dizzying array of the shape of wine......glasses available.


Not sure if you're anything like me, come to think of it there probably isn't anyone like me, that's what makes us all unique.  If you are like me, or maybe just a really big wine connoisseur, you may have what might be considered an overabundance of wine glasses.  Now I'm not talking about having dozens of the same wine glass, you know for those times when I entertain (although in my recollection I don't do a lot of entertaining), no, I'm talking about having a variety of differently shaped wine glasses.  That's not really that unusual.  In fact, there is a company that has built their business on just that issue.  In case you've never heard of them, their name is Riedel.   Their claim to fame, as it were, is that they make wine glasses in different shapes for just about every different grape variety out there.  Since there are hundreds, no even thousands, of grape varieties, THEY HAVE A LOT OF DIFFERENT WINE GLASSES!

Their research is actually quite extensive.  They know that each grape brings with it a sense of what the wine should taste like.  They then focus on what part of our mouth and tongue we use to pick up on those particular flavors.  Could be the side of our tongue, the tip or more towards the rear of our mouth.  They then shape a wine glass that is meant to focus the wine towards those areas of our mouth and receptors to better highlight those grape flavors.  They also consider things like what shape or how big the bowl of the glass should be to better extenuate the aromas of the wine.

All pretty heavy duty stuff if you ask me.  Before my adventure into wine, all I needed was a glass.  Heck, I even remember when it was popular drinking from a jam jar!  You know, as I keep writing this blog I realize just how old I am, of course, that's why you hear me talk about that so much.  I'm not unhappy about it, just hate to think about all those years.

Anyway, back to wine glasses.

Now I haven't been tempted, wait, yes I have, to think about buying sets of these specialized wine glasses.  I've even been to classes where they let you try wines from regular glasses and those specialized ones to see for yourself if you can taste a difference.  And you can!  Albeit a relatively small difference.

No, what I have done over the years is be on the lookout for wine glasses that might reflect a unique shape or style.  I've actually done somewhat of the same thing in buying place settings for my food.  While I feel I'm a pretty good cook, my artistic side has a hard time.  So what better than to plop that food down onto a pretty plate hoping to elevate the experience.

Just a small sample of my wine glasses.

Just a small sample of my wine glasses.

Now I don't buy a lot of the same ones.  Usually 2 to 4 depending on how I might use them someday, and what's the potential for me to destroy a few from time to time.  I look at the base of the glass, how big or even stemless, the shape of the bowl and how thick or thin the glass might be (you'd be surprised how much that matters).  Lastly, and more of late, I have had to give thought to the room I may have to store said glassware.  Like my wine, I have had to give some thought to come up with creative wine glass holders.  Unfortunately, nothing worth patenting.  When you don't have a lot of wall space or under counter room for those hanging glass racks, it's interesting what I think about and my solutions.

Here's one of the other BIG reasons for having different wine glasses.  As I've written before many times, the EXPERIENCE of drinking is almost as important as the wine or where you might enjoy that bottle of wine.  Having many wine glasses allows me to change and enhance each wine consumed.  Sure, there are times the wine doesn't require a fancy wine glass, in fact, that happens many times.  That casual dinner of pasta or some simple preparation, nothing fancy for that.  But when that tenderloin ends up on my plate and I want to treat myself, it's time to roll out the good stuff.

Now I don't expect you all to run out and buy some expensive wine glasses, but do give some thought to upgrading to a couple nicer ones for that special time, or dinner, as it just might turn out to be "The Shape of Wine.......Glasses" that matter.