Oh, the Horror and Humiliation

I woke up this morning (at least I had that going for me) and started to look through my daily news and posts on a variety of platforms (not talking shoes here people).


What do I see? That YESTERDAY was Cab Franc Day! Me, the spewer of many a post touting and raving about how Cab Franc will be “The Next Big Wine!” How was it that I did not know this?

Through all my perusing social media yesterday, either in my haste or bad eyesight, nowhere do I remember seeing ANYTHING about it being Cab Franc Day. I am so ashamed.


From my original post two years ago, Gone But Not Forgotten, to a more recent “That’s My Story and I’m Sticking To It” and ending with a review being published next Monday, I have touted Cab Franc and now I have let it down.

My one and only hope is that I can somehow make up for this untimely disaster. I’m not sure how that might be accomplished, but try I must.

For now, I will only say that on Cab Franc Day plus 1, do your best to try a delicious wine made with Cab Franc. I will be doing the same later in the day.