My Reputation Is In Jeopardy

I’m not talking about the TV Show either! That would be My Reputation Is On Jeopardy.


This had to be one of my most, I’m going to use the word, awkward moments of my life. That’s being kind. Other words that come to mind are; embarrassing, degrading, ignominious (that’s for my word of the day folks) probably many others too offensive to say.

“What could have happened to cause this malady in your life?” you might ask. And if you won’t, I will.


It started a while ago when I meet this woman (doesn’t stuff like this always happen because of someone entering your life?). Nothing romantic mind you, someone I developed a friendship with at a restaurant I frequent where she works. As with most people I meet, the issue of what do I do comes up somewhere along the conversations we end up having. Mentioning that I worked in the wine biz, she did tell me that her tastes run along the sweeter side for wines. This is a good time to point out that my wine snobbery pertains more to myself and what I drink and not to what others may enjoy. I leave that to one’s own taste. I believe that we should drink what we like not what others tell us to drink. Although as I write that I have to wonder if maybe I’m doing just that in some way by writing this blog. Oh well, another topic for a later time.

So over the time I’ve known her, it’s been well over a year now, I’ve had the opportunity to find out her birthday and we all know when Christmas is, so in the past, I’ve brought her a nice little sweeter style wine I was hoping she would like. While she never totally disapproved of the wine, she mentioned she likes them even sweeter and dropped the name of what she usually buys.

I figure that if I’m going to get someone a present, it should be what they like and not something different. Especially in wine since it’s not the type of thing you can return or exchange for the most part.

Here’s where I consider wearing a disguise while I shop for the wine.

Why? It’s is a big 4 Liter Jug Wine! It’s a blend of Moscato and Sangria to boot.


I had to get into the store, grab a bottle and make haste for the checkout before being spotted by one of a number of sales people that know me. You can probably guess, I didn’t make it! I could almost hear the ridicule in their minds as they see me slink around the store carrying this ginormous bottle of wine. In all fairness and so as not to get anyone in trouble, no one really said anything terrible. Most of this “so-called” ridicule was self-imposed. Me, self-proclaimed Wine Geek, Snob and Nerd, is buying a wine that single-handedly is causing me to question my credentials (limited as they might be). Also, in all fairness, this is not a dig about the wine itself. I have never (really NEVER) had this wine in my life so I won’t make derogatory remarks about a wine I’ve never drunk. It’s just more of a “reputational” thing.

In order to prevent any additional awkward moments, the wine is safely tucked in the trunk of my car and covered with a blanket, not to see light of day again until I present it to my friend, also, this post not to be released until AFTER the wine is given so as not to spoil the surprise for my friend as she might read my blog.

The only saving grace for this episode is that the wine tasting season is coming to an end and won’t be back in full swing until maybe March or later. I’ll have that long to try and repair my reputation, or at a minimum, have this incident disappear.

I just don’t like it that “My Reputation Is In Jeopardy.”