If At First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again


Don’t you just hate it when things don’t go your way? I mean, come on, you try different methods of changing people’s mind or convincing them that your idea or suggestion is something they REALLY need to consider. Only to feel like nothing has changed.

That’s what I feel I’m up against lately. Actually, it all started way back around January of 2016 when I first started to spew my guts on what should be the “next big wine.” At least in my estimation. Even as short as a couple weeks ago, I once again returned to my pulpit to proclaim the virtues of this magnificent grape. Sounds maybe a bit too religious given that I’m talking about wine. ALTHOUGH…wine is used in numerous religions!

Moving on. A couple weeks ago I did a review on another wine made from 100%, wait for it, Cab Franc. Specifically the Andrew Will Cab Franc for 2016. A beautiful wine. Then, right around Thanksgiving this year, I was fortunate to have my daughter (et sa fille) join me. She’s as big a wine connoisseur as I am, she’s isn’t the wine geek and snob that I am though, maybe one day, a father can only hope.

wine week.jpg

While here, I wanted to bring out “the big guns” I have lying around. There’s a video on all the wines that you can view that we had by clicking here. One of those wines happened to be the Favia CERRO SUR Red Wine Napa Valley 2013. While not 100% Cab Franc, leading with a blend of 84% Cab Franc and the balance Cabernet Sauvignon, this limited production wine shows its power and strength as the grapes come from high in the Vaca mountains from over 40-year-old vines. Lest we not forgot Mother Nature at one of her best moments as well, making 2013 a vintage to be remembered and the wines cherished and collected. With a rich black fruit core and the nuances of tannins, acidity while maturing in oak for many months, winemakers, Annie Favia and her husband Andy Erickson, have created this masterpiece of a wine that will last in your cellar for many years.

Oh, and to remind everyone, even if you don’t require it, let’s remember that it is mainly CAB FRANC! After all, that is part of the reason behind this post and I am trying to rally the troops around this wonderful grape. Not that a couple wines make a movement, but when they are that good, it should make folks stand up and take notice. I did. Now I just want others to follow. I sense a little of my time in the Navy showing through, troops, follow whatever.

So get out there and start looking for some wines made from Cab Franc and help make it the “Next Big Wine.” Otherwise I’m likely to Try Try Again….