Don't You Just Love Vacations?

Seems like a no-brainer to me, of course I’m now in a different situation, I’m ALWAYS on vacation!

But for my daughter, my et sa fille if you will, it was just that, a vacation. While I could tell you every little detail, and believe me I would love to, I’m just hitting the highlights. From the video (for those receiving this via email, you will need to go to my website to view or click here. Funny, technology hasn’t made the connection) and pictures that I’ve included, the first is the wines that she and I drank while she was here. I’m not going to mention how long she was here to protect the guilty. If you don’t recognize them all, take my word, they were great! The pictures were just of Thanksgiving dinner. Châteaubriand cooked to perfection by yours truly and a 1998 Mouton Rothschild. I chose that as it just turned 20 years old. An age I haven’t seen for A LONG TIME!

Taking what seemed like forever for her trip to get here, time sped up way too fast and she was gone. Leaving great memories of our time together. As I have said so many times, sharing wine together under wonderful moments can create not only an awesome experience but make the wine so much more enjoyable. Okay, in this case, the wine started out great and just got better!

I know that the holiday season has only just begun, but I hope that wherever you are, you can create your own wonderful moments with your loved ones.