It's the Holidays!

What better a time than to get together with friends and family to catch up, reconnect or just enjoy the company. That’s just what I did the other evening. Called a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and we decided to have a simple get-together at her house and do exactly that, “catch up.”


We do have a bond, that being we both love and cellar some “really good stuff.” So before heading out for the evening, I had to decide what to bring. I chose the 2014 Coup de Foudre Les Bouquinistes. A delightful blend of 20% syrah, 20% carmenere, 20% petit verdot, 15% petit syrah, 8% malbec and 17% zinfandel. From Napa Valley, this wine fits the winery’s name; “Coup de Foudre” or “Love at First Sight.” Wonderful fruit and lovely spice notes ringing through to a nice lingering finish. (See how I creatively used the word ringing to help celebrate the season?)

But this wasn’t the first wine we tried. When I arrived we scampered to her cellar and started rummaging through the wines. I could do a post just on all the different wines she and her husband had amassed over the years. Sadly, he is no longer with us, but his legacy in wines does.


One winery, in particular, caught her eye and perked my curiosity. A Reserve Cabernet from Peju in Rutherford from the 1999 Vintage. I remember (how I’ll never know) that 1999 was a stellar vintage for Napa, at least that’s what Wine Spectator and I agree on. Being a Reserve wine, we both had high expectations that the wine would still be a stunner. A slight hiccup upon opening as the cork crumbled nearest the wine. A wine strainer later, we were toasting to the season and our get-together and sipping a fantastic wine.

From its beginning in 1982, Peju has been a household name in Rutherford. Expanding their operation and the winery itself. Completing their famous Tower in 2003, the winery remains a top destination for wine seekers. Click here for a Visual Tour.

Originally rated 94 Points by Wine Enthusiast, this wine has endured the years in grace and style. Focusing first on the subtle and soft approach of the wine and then onto the still rich pure fruit lingering on the palate providing us both with that AHHH moment. My friend commented on how I should do a post on what happens when wines age. Great idea and I’m sure you’ll be hearing about that soon.

I know I’ve commented on how your setting and the environment you’re in can contribute to your wine experience. While it added to the overall experience, both wines could have easily stood on their own, and did, to make this a memorable event. The first of this holiday season, but hopefully, far from the last.