That Time of Year, Again!

Here’s what I wrote exactly one year ago:

“It's That Time of Year Again. The time when Wine Spectator rolls out its Top 100 Wines for 2017. For a wine geek like me, and maybe a few others, this is the equivalent to the Oscars, the Emmys, the Golden Globes, People Choice Awards, the American Music Awards, Country Music Awards, BET Awards, the Grammies, okay just a couple more, the ESPY's, VMA's and finally the Razzies.”


Why is that important, at least to me? The 2018 Top 100 Wines for Wine Spectator have begun to roll out. You can call it obsessed behavior, compulsiveness, or heck put the two together and call it obsessive-compulsive behavior. Note, I did use behavior not disorder. Some might still classify my affinity for wine a disorder, but me, I like to think I’m just nutty about wine and it rules my life, as any good wine aficionado can hopefully attest.

So this year will be a little different for me I’m sure. In past years it was about which wines I had purchased. Since my wine buying has slowed way down I’m guessing I’ll have to be content with which ones I might have purchased, or maybe even had the opportunity to try throughout the year. Not a deal breaker!


It’s Thursday morning and they’ve announced wines 10 through 2. The Number One Wine gets its own day to revel. So far it’s a nice list. Surprisingly, the number ten wine, the Bedrock Heritage Sonoma Valley 2016 IS a wine that I do own! I’ve always loved Bedrock, even as a kid. Although when I was MUCH younger, that referred to the town of Bedrock from the show The Flintstones (that just never gets old!). A 2016 Châteauneuf-du-Pape from Le Vieux Donjon wasn’t much of a surprise, maybe which Châteauneuf-du-Pape was, but as good as 2016 was, I would have expected one in the Top 10.

Not to make too much of an issue, but the Aubert Chardonnay surprises me a little. Spectator says that part of the selection process includes how available a wine might be. With only 960 cases made, and mostly available only directly through the winery, I have to wonder. I guess the same could be said for the Moët & Chandon Brut Champagne Dom Pérignon Legacy Edition 2008. I couldn’t find any case count and the retail is pretty high, but I’m going to let this one slip by as, after all, IT IS CHAMPAGNE!


The next closet I come to any of the Top 9 is Number Two, the Château Canon-La Gaffelière St.-Emilion 2015. Closest as I have the 2014. But as they say: “close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” Hey, I didn’t make it up, so don’t shoot (wow another violent activity) the messenger. For the record, I’m against violence and it’s only meant to mean “close doesn’t count.” Boy, I could have used that phrase and eliminated this whole thing.

So with wines 2 through 10 uncovered, I await the Number One wine with great anticipation. I stopped guessing years ago as I was NEVER right. Then we wait again, for Monday morning, and the unveiling of all 100 wines. I’ll have to see if I write about the entire list or stop with this post. Sort of like writing and attending one of those award shows. If something REALLY jumps out at me, you’ll find me at my trusty computer on Monday, banging away on the keyboard. I have to do that anyway as a few keys seem to stick. Probably spilled wine!!