Breaking My Rules

So it’s Monday morning. Well, by the time I post this and you read it (please do – I need all the readers I can get), it may be well into the week. Nevertheless, I’m sitting at my computer (if you read my “Wine of the Week” for this week you’d know I still work at a computer) and sort of recovering from this weekend, plus. The plus is because my wine tastings started last Thursday and ran through yesterday (that’s Sunday if you’re keeping track). Four days in a row!

break the rules.png

Funny thing is, at the beginning of this year (again it’s 2018 in case you’ve forgotten), I told myself “self, don’t work tastings over 3 hours long and don’t do even 3 tastings in a row” (that’s days in a row, not during one day). Both of those “so-called” rules I have broken this year. WHY? Let’s not rush to judgment here, let’s take our time and think this out carefully…..I’m a glutton for punishment!!

I don’t want to be too hard on myself, so let’s back that off to…..I’m an idiot!! No, still too hard on myself. Then it hits me. Instead of doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in my retirement, I needed a reason and something to not just keep busy but to immerse myself in to enrich my life. The wine biz took over that role years ago. Now it’s just a continuation of the same.


That doesn’t really answer the question of why do I still do tastings that “break my rules?” We’ve (or at least I’ve) ruled out glutton and idiot, so digging a little deeper, I realize that it’s a combination of things, not just one. I love wine and want to stay “in touch” with it, the perks of doing the tastings adds a nice touch; I get to meet some interesting people (and maybe a few way too interesting if you get my drift), oh, and this is a big one I’m sure; I can’t say no! I can if I’m already booked, but if my calendar is clear, and when you have no life it’s almost always that way, I pretty much jump at the chance. Maybe the occasional 5 hours tastings I can gather up enough gumption and give a resounding “I’d rather not!” Mind you I didn’t say “NO!”


Why have the rules in the first place you may ask? Ever stand in one place for four hours and hardly move? If you have, you’ll know why. Feet!! Got ‘em, and after even 3 hours, they can start to make things very difficult. On a positive note (and I always like to interject positivity when I can) I’m not the only one that notices the condition, even the younger reps complain. So I can be positive that this is not a result of old age! Hey, I said positive but I didn’t say to whom (whom - who, I know it’s one of those).

So as the season starts to wind (or more appropriately wine) down, the possibility of multiple tastings or longer events dwindle. Heck, the weekend coming up I have only one tasting. Full disclosure, and maybe a rehash to the “I’m an idiot” remark, it’s a five-hour tasting! Maybe after the tasting I’ll sit down (I’ll more than likely have to be) and hammer out a synopsis of how everything went. Stay tuned….