When Worlds Collide


So I’m not talking about the 1951 movie of the same name (although interestingly that was the year I was born – spooky), and it doesn’t reference anything like the “Big Bang” (the event not the TV show, although again, it’s one of my favorite shows on TV – nerdy I know). I think I may have just created a new title to use – Wine Nerd (I’m using most everything else, why not this one as well?)

So just what am I talking about?

Nothing so esoteric (word of the day). It all started the other day as I was reading the news, depressing as that can be, and I came across an article in the Wall Street Journal. So here’s the “when worlds collide” part so pay attention. In my past life (career here folks) I was what was once called a “stockbroker.” I never picked up one of those fancier names and I didn’t put all those 2 or 3 letter acronyms after my name, although I do occasionally now use the CWS moniker (stands for Certified Wine Snob). Anyway, the article was written by a favorite of mine “Lettie Teague.” In the article she is proposing “Why You Should Consider the House Wine.” Get the when worlds collide part yet? Wall Street Journal and now wine! Me a stockbroker now into wine!

Okay, I’m going to make the assumption you got it so I can move on to the guts of this post.

“Why We Should Consider the House Wine.”

This has been something, in a number of forms, I have given thought to over the last few years. Not just from the perspective that Ms. Teague points out, that of restaurants having their own label, but going even further and looking into different organizations that have their name plastered on the side of wine bottles. Plastered is pretty aggressive, let’s use glued. Here I’m talking about the likes of companies like CostCo and their Kirkland brand (which has been out for some time), and more recently, and I plan on doing a post on this one, WalMart. Target has their own as does a host of many others hoping to cash in on the wine craze. Let’s be clear, I’m not condemning this practice, for now just pointing it out.

Slipping back to my financial hat from my blue beret (you need to have read previous posts to get that one), I would have to make some assumptions as well that by creating their own label there is a financial incentive to do so as well as increased exposure. Makes good business sense. So that side of me is satisfied.


As a wine connoisseur, yeah yeah – wine geek, snob and now nerd, I have wondered more about WHO makes these wines and under WHAT conditions. In other words how much input do these companies have over the final product. In some cases, you can get that information, in others, it is not revealed. I believe that a lot of these wines are made by high production wineries that could glue (remember I refrained from plastered) a different label on the wines. Ms. Teague makes reference to the fact that Raymond Vineyards makes the “House” wine for Morton’s Steakhouse as an example. My real issue lies in the quality of those wines. Hey, if they’re good and the price is right, the wine will sell. If not, then these companies may need to look at the situation to determine the future of said wines.

If anyone out there, humans and aliens (the UFO type), has tried one of these styles of wine, I would love to hear what you have to say about them. Let me know.

Again, I’m not here to pass judgment on these wines, no, I’ll do that should I actually try them. I’m writing this because, as I said at the beginning; My Worlds Did Collide.