How Much Was That Wine?

Did you hear? You may be the only one who didn’t as it was all over the press recently.

A bottle of wine sold at auction for $558,000!! A second a while later for $496,000!!

Source: Sotheby's

Source: Sotheby's

Granted, it has to be one of the most prestigious wines ever. A 1945 Romanee-Conti, with only 600 bottles ever made and before the winery pulled all the ungrafted vines to replant. Kind of pales when I think of the money I’ve spent on wine.

For those not familiar, Domaine de la Romanée-Conti is considered the premier producer of Burgundy wines. Even their recent wines can fetch well over $20,000 per bottle, that is if you can get them. I guess if you can afford $20,000 for a bottle of wine, you’ll find a way to acquire it.

If you’re thinking about asking me if I have ever tried any of their wines, let me stop you right now. NO!

While I’m sure there are numbers floating around out there, I am going to make the assumption that a lot of what is produced may never get drunk. This is one of those wines that due to its rarity, becomes more of a collectible than a drinkable. But let’s be perfectly clear, I WOULD DRINK IT!

So what’s my reason for even mentioning a wine of this caliber and price? One, I find it interesting to think about what “could be” (say if I won the lottery) and two, and most probably, it is news and relevant to the wine world. Oh, and this is my blog so I can write about whatever I want. That’s what usually happens anyway. My attempt at humor not arrogance.

So back to reality and my little wine cellar filled with all sort of interesting wines that I can and will drink but more importantly, will enjoy.