Wine of the Week

So I think I've mentioned before that I'm single.  Don't worry. I'm not turning this into a singles website, although I did entertain the possibility that I could make my requirements for a girlfriend somewhat like the same ideas as what I look for in a wine.  That's not very romantic I know, but in trying to think outside the box, I thought that this could be a working model for me.

So let's just say for now that I've tabled that idea and I'll move onto the main area of interest, wine.

No surprise, my Wine of the Week happens to be a Champagne.  Why no surprise?  Because what goes better than a great date with your significant other than that sparkling goodness that is Champagne.  I think the other reason is that the bottle that I chose just happens to be from a Champagne House that I was introduced to some time ago at a tasting of their wines.  

Here's the juxtaposition I created while I was at that tasting and how it related, although somewhat questionable to the whole issue of dating.

Some time ago I did a blog about visiting my daughter (To Celebrate or Not To Celebrate, That Is the Question) and the awesome wines that we had while I was there visiting her.  Now we had some phenomenal stuff (would you expect any less from me?).  One of the wines we had on our last day together was the Champagne from Thienot.  It happened to be named after the daughter.  It was their "Cuvee Garance."  

A 2006 Vintage dated Champagne made from Pinot Noir and one of the best wines I have tasted.  I know, I still haven't related how all this fits in with my dating habits or lack thereof.  Let me explain.  Please do!

Having been in a little bit of a dry spell lately (we're talking dating, not wine), I went to grab a bottle for a recent dinner I was planning at home.  Nothing special mind you, just a salad with chicken.  But what influenced me more than anything was the fact that we had one of the most perfect days.  Up and out of the house at 8 for coffee and to read my paper and catch up with things, then a walk around the Riverwalk culminating at a little water fountain where I just sat and took in the day while watching people walk by.  Home for lunch and after, a nice bike ride.  So you can see when I was trying to decide on a wine to drink I went with nothing less than a sparkling wine to complete and celebrate this day.  

I know, still nothing about the whole dating thing, but I assure you it's next.

So I go to my cellar and look through my selection of Champagnes.  Laying there together are two bottles.  The Thienot Cuvee Garance and the Thienot NV Brut.  Bingo.  Now I don't want to drink the Cuvee Garance as that bottle has been signed by none other than the one whom the wine was named after.  Now comes the correlation.

As I mentioned in my previous blog about my daughter and me, I met Garance at a tasting.  As I also mentioned in the blog, this woman could have sold me the Brooklyn Bridge.  This small petite woman with her French accent.  I'm not afraid to admit I was smitten.  I've attached a link to a piece she did about the family wines to let you see for yourself. 

I don't expect everyone to go gaga over her, it's just for context.  I think I'm the one that went gaga!

Enough of that.  It did, however, catapult me into a stream of thinking about wines to drink with a significant other.  Finally, back on track......So out comes the


Thienot NV Brut Champagne

and into the fridge to chill as I prepare dinner and relax after this glorious day.

I'm going to forget about dinner, and just tell you how wonderful was the Champagne.  Crisp, almost nutty or creamy, with that brioche finish that is so much a part of Champagne.  A perfect finish to a perfect day.  Even as the day begins its' descent into darkness, I sit here writing this piece.  Remembering the day and the memory of that tasting.  Call me a romantic, but the only way I could even think of making this day any better would be to have someone with which to share it.  But as it was, IT WAS STILL GREAT!

Available for just under $40, this is a memorable Champagne.  Or perhaps it's a Champagne to help make your own memories....