Wine of the Week

Lately, I've been having this craving.  Not to worry, it's for food.  Now I like a lot of different types of cuisine.  Italian, Seafood, Sushi and most recently Mexican.  So it was no wonder that one Sunday afternoon while I was out shopping, I started to give some thought to what I wanted to eat during the upcoming week.

Now if I don't have anything special planned, I will usually go to the basics; Italian, or maybe some kind of red meat.  But I started to think about Mexican.  Don't know why, I just thought it was something I hadn't had in a while, at least at home, out, I've had it numerous times.  I don't make a lot of Spanish or Mexican food at home.  Don't know why, just isn't a style I linger towards.

I remembered I had a nice chicken breast in the fridge about to go bad, so I figured that something with that as the main ingredient would be best.  (I hate to waste food).   Now when I'm out, I do like a good taco salad.  It's a little bit Mexican and little bit American.  At least the way I get it.  But a salad just wasn't doing it for me.  Then I thought, a really good chicken enchilada would hit the spot.  the best part is that when I started to think about what I had to do to make them, the recipe seemed pretty straightforward and relatively easy.

Afterall, it's a flour tortilla wrapped around a main ingredient (in this case chicken), slathered with a great sauce with a side of refried beans and Mexican rice.  Not hard at all.  Once again, and in all honesty, while I was at the store, I did pick up an enchilada sauce that was premade.  In retrospect, it was excellent.  The only thing I really had to prepare was the chicken.

Now about 2 or 3 years ago I bought at a garage sale from a friend of mine my first slow cooker.  This was also the first time since buying it that I actually took it out was used it.  At least now I can say I've used it....

Slow cooked that chicken breast for a couple hours in a homemade sauce (this was the most work I had to do).  When that was done, I stuffed a couple tortillas layered on the enchilada sauce and into the oven for 20 minutes to heat up.

This gave me just the right amount of time to consider my liquid refreshment for the dinner.  Now I've been a big proponent that you drink whatever the beverage of choice is for the region the food comes from.  That would usually mean either beer or maybe something with tequila in it.  Having had a couple margaritas earlier in the day, I thought it best to go with something a might less alcoholic.  

Remembering I had attended a seminar not too long ago about Spanish wines, I had just the thing.

Bodegas Palacios Remondo Rioja La Montesa Crianza 2013

Now that's a mouthful.  And so was the wine!  A blend dominated by Garnacha with a smaller portion of Tempranillo and maybe another grape variety for good measure.  Plum along with spice notes culminating in a full mouth feel finish with good acidity to assist and accent the food.  At under $20 a bottle, this was a great wine to go with my food.  Wine Spectator rated this wine 91 points and a "Best Buy."  Should the 2013 be sold out, never fear, the 2014 is equally as good and should provide you with an equally good wine experience.

Once again, Spanish wines show their quality along with their affordability.