Wine of the Week

Like many a wine drinker, enthusiast or snob, I too have the preponderance of going to certain wineries for their wine year after year.  Usually, in my case, I do try to either try the wine first or rely on a review or two to make sure it's what I am hoping for.

This time I found myself buying a wine before trying AND before any professional, or otherwise, reviews have come out.  I don't normally do that as there can be vintage differences that make the wine, shall we say different.  That can go either way, for better or for worse.  Now where I have heard that phrase before???

In this particular case, it is a wine I have had for the last 3 vintages (2012, 2013 and 2014).  In all three cases, this wine has shown remarkable consistency.  Robert Parker gave the three vintages 95, 95 and 94.  I'd say that constitutes a level of consistency.  So when the 2015 vintage was offered, I couldn't resist.  From the comments that I have read about the 2015 vintage, it should stand as another outstanding vintage in the Napa Valley.

So I plunk down a good portion of my Social Security check and buy some.  Now I was firmly committed to allowing the wine to rest and age for a couple of years before I opened or tried a bottle.  But sometimes things just fall into place.

I get a call from the distributor of the wine and he asks if I could do a wine tasting for him at a local shop.  It's close by, so I said sure.  A couple days before the tasting, he sends me the list of wines I'm to pour.  He has some great wines in his lineup so I could see he chose some excellent wines to pour.  In the original list, the email to the wine shop indicated a certain wine.  At the end of the email, he tells me that this one wine is being removed and to my surprise, I see the

Venge Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Silenciuex 2015

The wine I had just purchased a week earlier.  Here it is, a wine I am going to pour and to allow me to try without opening or waiting years.  I was ecstatic!  If you think I was happy just seeing the wine on my pour list, you should have seen me that night when I got to the wine shop and opened the wine.  Kid in a candy store about sums it up.  I pour, I swirl, I sniff.  Everything I had hoped for so far in that glass right in front of me.  Only one last thing to do; TASTE.  Well, one really last thing; swallow.  Remember I never spit.

It's young, it's tight but all of the nuances that I remember from the previous vintages are still there.  Time open or aged in the bottle will only make this wine more beautiful.  Now I can let it age gracefully and know that I will be rewarded in the future.  More reminiscent of the 2013, Robert Parker had this to say about the 2013:  "Deep ruby/purple with a seamless integration of oak, alcohol, wood and tannin, the 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Silencieux is a smoothly textured, dense ruby/purple-colored wine with enormous fruit extract, loads of blueberry and blackberry notes, a touch of oak and charcoal. It's full-bodied, opulent."  Pretty good review of 2015 as well.  Going out on a limb here, but I would easily give 2015 a 95 rating.  

So what will a bottle of this classic Napa Cabernet cost?  This particular warehouse wine shop has it for $58.  Honestly, I don't think you'll get it for much less, that is if it's even available.  Ever since 2012 this wine usually sells out very quickly.  The wine shop did mention they got a pretty good quantity of the wine, although the winery only makes a certain amount each year and doesn't vary too much, so maybe it won't sell out right away, but should scores come out that resemble previous vintages, I wouldn't expect it to last.   

If you're a fan of big Napa Cabs, do yourself a favor and pick some up and lay some down.  Oh, and by the way, EVERYONE at the tasting that tried it, loved it....