Wine of the Week

Adaptation Petite Sirah 2013 Napa Valley

So we just have come off a week (seems more like 2 months) of 90-degree temperatures and I'm racking my brain; what wine should I use for my Wine of the Week?  Now you'd think that any normal person (and being me, that should tell you this isn't going in the direction you might think) would probably be considering a nice Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay or heck even something a little different like a great Verdejo, but no, I whip out a big juicy Petite Sirah (yes, this is the correct spelling).

Why would I do that?  Because, as George Mallory said, "because it's there"....I opened my cellar door and right in front of me was "THE WINE."

Now for a little more honesty.  You need to remember the obscene temperatures I talked about earlier.  My A/C is cranked up trying to cool my modest 2 bedroom townhouse, and while I don't like to complain (except on this blog), I really didn't want to go meandering through my collection trying to find the perfect wine.  So the one that was right in front of me was it.  Case closed.

Now at a different time of year (preferably a little cooler), this would have been the perfect wine.  So I consider myself somewhat absolved as timing is the only thing standing in the way of perfection.  

So what about the wine?  What I saw and grabbed was the 2013 Adaptation Petite Sirah from Napa Valley.  Adaptation isn't that well known but their parent company might be a name you would have heard of if you're a big Napa Valley Cabernet fan.  Adaptation is owned by the Plumpjack Group, or more accurately, by Odette Winery, which is part of the Plumpjack Group.  Plumpjack Group also owns Cade Winery (one of my favorites by virtue of great wine and having met the winemaker Danielle Cyrot).

Made from 77% Petite Sirah and 23% Syrah and coming from the warmer climates of Kennefick Ranch in Calistoga and Langtry Vineyards just outside of Pope Valley, then aged in a combination of both new and once used French Oak for a total of 18 months, this wine brings forth a mouthful of black cherry, blackberry and plum flavors along with nice spice notes on a long finish.  

Right now you can probably still find the 2013 on the shelves, but if you run into the 2014, don't hesitate.  Both were great years for Napa Valley and I'm sure the wine will produce the same results.  Retail on the wine should be right around $45.  Not inexpensive, but well worth the money for this exemplary wine, especially when paired up with some bar-b-q ribs. YUM!