Wine of the Week

Forge Cellars 2014 Riesling Classique

Once again I found my Wine of the Week in a not so unusual place, but the wine was from an unusual place!

Over a recent weekend, I found myself pouring at an event at a very nice and quaint restaurant in Geneva.  Niche.  I had never been there but have passed by it many times on my way to Geneva Wine Cellars.  On a non-wine note, I have to make it back there to try the place out for dinner.  They also have a pretty nice wine list as well.  Kudos.

Anyway, one of the wines I was pouring was from the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York.  Now I've been aware of wines from that area for some time and a number of various wine magazines have been extolling the virtues of the area for a while.  I have to say, I was a little suspect as a few of the wines that I have tried were okay, but far from stellar.  Until now.

Having been compared to the Rhine River area of Germany, the Finger Lakes area is also known for their predominance in the use of the Riesling grape.  I was intrigued even before opening the bottle as I am a fan of Riesling, especially from the Mosel region of Germany.  I wondered how this would compare.

Reading up on the winery and the wine, made me even more interested.  The winery made a big deal of the fact that they "Specialize in Bone Dry Riesling from the Finger Lakes of New York."  They also made mention that 60% of the wine is aged in neutral barriques.  My interest wouldn't have been complete without the fact that Vinous Media gave this wine a whopping 93 Points. 

So with a corkscrew in hand, I set upon opening this bottle and trying my first sip.  First and foremost, it is a VERY dry Riesling.  Whatever residual sugar may have been in the wine was not obvious.  The crisp acidity was nicely offset by the creamy texture of the wine.  The minerality beset with an almost smoky note.  The nice lingering finish made you not want to put it down, but wait for it to dissipate so you could take another sip.

So I guess I should tell you the name of this phenomenal wine, right?  It is the Forge Cellars 2014 Riesling Classique.  The price is right around $20.  The wine will stand up to a variety of foods, from lighter fare to even some lighter meats such as chicken, especially when combined with a slightly spicy sauce.