Wine of the Week

DuMol Chardonnay 2014 Chloe Russian River Valley

As what is likely to be my last story about my time at the wine shop I worked in for 12 years and was last mentioned in my blog The End of an Era, I was invited to the shop to partake of some wine in an informal last get together of current and former employees.

As I knew that a favorite customer of mine was planning on being there, I made sure that I brought a nice Chardonnay with me as I wasn't certain what the owners had planned and knowing she loves Chardonnay.  The good news is that I needn't have worried as the owners came well prepared.  This was a first class lineup of Chardonnays.  First up was from Fisher Vineyards, their Mountain Estates Vineyard.  A wine I brought into the shop many months ago.  Great creamy texture and overall wonderful wine.  Next up was the Chateau Montelena Chardonnay from Napa Valley.  You might remember the wine from the Judgement of Paris.  Their 1973 Chardonnay took top honors.  This wine was more crisp with higher acidity but still wonderful overall flavor.  The third wine was the wine I brought.  The 2015 Plumpjack Reserve Chardonnay, also from Napa Valley.  Must say I was very impressed as well.  Not as creamy as Fisher and not as crisp as Montelena, it seemed to fit right in between very nicely.  last up was my Wine of the Week.  The 2014 DuMol Chardonnay Chloe Russian River Valley.

DuMol is one of those labels that many have never heard of.  They are small production wines focusing mainly of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah.  Also, they appear in restaurant wine lists more than wine shops.    I had one of their Pinot Noirs in the shop not too long ago, beautiful.  So while I hadn't had this wine as of yet, I had two 95 Point reviews that I knew about and knowing the quality of the brand itself.

This became my Wine of the Week, and as you might have guessed, the one I liked the best.  As a side note, my friend was on the fence between the Fisher and the DuMol.  Not a bad fence to be on in this comparison.

As the winemaker, Adam Smith, says about the wine, and I couldn't say it any better; "Rich, broad and powerful fruit-driven wine with old vine sinew and a clean mineral spine. Lots of nuance and detail."

So now that I've tempted you with this wine, what's the odds you can get it?  Unfortunately, very slim.  I did happen upon a couple bottles, as I asked the wine shop owners where they got the wine.  A little pricey at around $70, but if you're a Chardonnay fanatic like me, it's worth every penny.  

I'll end by saying it was befitting for the wine to be served at this occasion, going out with such a quality wine.