Wine of the Week

Crossbarn Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Boy, doing all these wine tastings lately, brings me back to the olden days when that's how I entered the wine biz.  I do have fun doing them, and I do see a number of wine drinkers out there from both my days of doing tastings and from the wine shop.  It is really a nice way to stay current and to socialize with like minded individuals.

What does all that have to do with this weeks Wine of the Week?  Well let me tell you (you thought otherwise?)  I was pouring on a particular Saturday at a big warehouse wine shop, you know the one, and was fortunate to be pouring a wine I came across a year or so ago that I ended up buying for the wine shop that I was working for at the time.  

Having been a big fan of Paul Hobbs (and I'm not sure who wouldn't be, he's legendary), I remember my rep bringing me Crossbarn Cabernet.  When he did so he brought with him both the Napa Valley and the Sonoma Cabs.  Tasting each side by side gave me a unique opportunity to decide what nuances I favored in each wine.  Napa Valley being the wine with a little more tannins and slightly more aggressive dark fruit, or the Sonoma that brought with it a slightly softer touch and, in my opinion, slightly less aggressive tannins making it a more rounded wine.

Ultimately I chose the Sonoma to sell in the shop for that very reason.  I felt more wine drinkers would prefer the softer touch.  I did like the Napa Valley though very much.  It actual was a wine style I prefer.  Which was also the way Robert Parker felt as he awarded the Napa Valley a whopping 93 Points to the 90 Points for the Sonoma.  Not bad for either wine.

So which one did I pour that day.  Well let me tell you (again I know I needn't ask).  Not that I had a hand in choosing, but I was fortunate to have poured the Napa Valley Cabernet.  With duplicate 93 Point reviews by Parker and Suckling, I was very pleased.  This is a great Cab with dark rich and brooding fruit with nice tannins and a dry finish, making it an ideal wine for that nice steak.

The wine should be available at better wine shops.  The Napa runs just shy of the fifty dollar mark while the Sonoma retails for slightly less.  Given that Paul Hobbs own Cabernets start at around $100 and exceed $250.00 for some of his single vineyard wines, this is a wine you should consider.