Wine of the Week

I just never know where I am going to find my next Wine of the Week.  This weeks wine was actually a wine that I had received an email offer on a little while ago.  96 Points from Robert Parker Jr. at the Wine Advocate.  Now that alone would catch my interest, but it was even more interesting in that it was a Chardonnay.  Can't say I see a lot of white wines with that high of a review,  It does happen, just not as frequently as reds.

I did some checking and couldn't find the wine anywhere, well except for the shop the email came from and that was a little too distant.  Now I just so happened to venture out recently to Geneva Wine Cellars to listen to my favorite singer/songwriter, Dina Bach.  A little side note here; I think she'll be a big artist someday soon.  If you ever want to listen to her melodic voice, just check out her website at  

So I enter this quaint little wine shop and start my search for the wine that I'll be drinking during the concert.  Okay, I know it's not technically a concert, but that's the term I'm using.  I'm not sure I'm the norm (and we're talking only wine now) when it comes to what I drink for certain occasions.  Reds are great, especially with a nice dinner, but when I go out for any evening and just relaxing sitting around and soaking up the ambiance, I really like white.  

                             Proprieter Al at Geneva Wine Cellars

                             Proprieter Al at Geneva Wine Cellars

Generally when I head out to Geneva Wine Cellars I will have them throw a bottle of a nice Champagne in the cooler for me.  Since I knew I'd get there early, I decided to forgo the norm and wait till I get there to choose.  I am so glad I did!  While browsing the shelves I came across this exact wine that I had received the email on and rated 96 points.  Goes to show that sometimes you never know what you'll find where when it comes to wine.  Oh, and not that the shop doesn't carry higher end wines, they do, I just knew how small of a production was made of this wine, so it just struck me odd that they would be one of the shops to carry it.


Enough background.  The wine staring back at me on the shelf was the Hartford Family Four Hearts Vineyard Chardonnay 2015.  From the Russian River Valley comprising 30 to 40 year old vines, the clonal grapes are specially selected, vinified and only the best cuvées are then blended to created the best expression of Chardonnay.  The wine is aged in French oak for 11 months with about 40% being new oak.  While it undergoes full malolactic fermentation, the bright and lasting acidity of the wine is extremely well balanced with the apple and citrus notes as well as a slight ginger taste to the wine.  There is also a slight minerality that lingers on the long finish.  When you find a wine this well balanced, 96 points AND at a price of $39.95, I say, "buy all you can find."  Now I did buy some more when I was there, but I left some on the shelf just in case.  Don't know if they can get more if they sell out, but you never know.

What a great evening.  Like I said on my FaceBook post "A great 96 Point wine," and "Oh, and a 100 Point singer, Dina Bach."  Both the wine and the entertainer are worth seeking out!