Wine Cellar Reorg

                                            This is not mine!

                                            This is not mine!

So you know how you think to yourself, self, what should I be doing today to better myself, give my life meaning or, maybe a little less zen like, organize something?

It's that later idea that came to me.  Not so recently mind you as I have been retired now for a few months, and, as I have done some basic reorganizing around the house since my retirement.  But then I started to think how great it would be to have all my wine organized in some manner that would allow me to find what I'm looking for without having to pull out almost every bottle I have just to find the one I'm looking for.

I suppose the good news behind this idea is that I don't have a 2 or 3 thousand bottle cellar.  Just my 200 or so bottles that I have acquired over the years.  Not bad.  Although when I've showed my non-wine drinking friends my stash, they gasp and wonder how I'm ever going to drink all that wine.  I reassure them that so long as I live for a good many more years, that shouldn't be a problem.  Not that I EVER see having too much wine as a problem.

As I mentioned, the problem comes in when I am looking for a particular wine.  Over the years I have only placed new wines where there were openings.  This, as you might expect, has led to wines of all different varietals interspersed throughout my cellar.  So when I want that special Cab or Zin, I have to look through a number of bottles to find the right one.

                                                This is mine.

                                                This is mine.

So the other day I decided it was time to sit down, well, more like sit stand sit stand, and put some sort of organization to the cellar.  Being someone who has always been sort of a math wiz (using that term carefully as my age has probably made me less wizardly).  I have 3 rows of various types of wine storage units.  The wooden peg system, and a couple of old Elfa units.  These were the ones when they originally had the wine shelves.  Two of those of different heights.  So when I look at them the first thing I had to determine was could I put certain wines in certain units so that the wines of one type would fit so I didn't need to have them spread over more than one unit.  If I've lost you, that's okay, because I was lost myself.  

Getting a list of my wines and trying to determine how best to organize them was first.  I was very fortunate that it looked as though things would work out.  Here's the rough part.  In order to start storing the wines in order and in the correct units, I first had to EMPTY the unit I was working on.  I hadn't thought a lot about that.  Next thing I know I have bottles all over the floor and can barely move and need to step gingerly around so as not to step on a bottle and fall on my ass.  That would be particularly painful should I fall on other bottles!

Now I need to find the correct bottles to start the process.  Starts a little slow as some wines are on the floor and others are still in the other units, but I carry on.  Now I could really bore you with all the details of how I finally came to organize each and every bottle of wine; but I'll spare you.

By now you have to be asking yourself, "what can this whole thing be leading up to, or does he have something more to enlighten us with."

I actually do have a "light above my head" moment.  After having sorted and reorganized all my wine, I found an interesting and obvious observation.  I HAVE A LOT OF CABERNETS.  Now that's not bad, and I kinda knew it was a larger portion of my cellar, but maybe not that much.  I also realized that there are a couple wineries that I'm a big fan of and have a lot more of their wines than I originally thought.  Again, not a bad thing, but one that has led me to remember to start drinking some of those as well.

A few other "ah ha" moments came into play.  As much as I like certain French wines, Rhone especially, I was very limited.  Another "ah ha" positive moment was that I actually have more white wines than I thought.  Now that doesn't include Champagne.  I KNEW I had a lot of those.  But a smattering of various whites followed by some very nice Chardonnays.

I guess one of the good things to come out of all this, is that I now have a little better understanding of what I own and maybe what wines I need to start looking at to drink more seriously.  Also, what wines, or more specifically varietals, I should be contemplating for my cellar.  Although, I'm not sure I can kick the Cab habit anytime soon.

So know that while it isn't impossible to reorganize your wine cellar, planning will most definitely help in the various stages of getting to your final Wine Cellar Reorg.