Wine of the Week

Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco 2012

So last week I told you how I was surfing the isles of a wine shop in the Italian section and came across the Ghiomo Arneis.  Well, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to hear that as I was looking for a white wine for last week, I happened to see a familiar name on another bottle and decided it was time to once again visit an old friend.  Okay, old might be too much, as it was only the previous vintage with which I had been so enamored.  

Barbaresco wines are a close cousin to the famous Barolo's of the same region; Piedmont, in Italy's Northeastern area of the country.  Both use the Nebbiolo grape to produce their wines.  Both wines are examples of the quality of their D.O.C.G. (Italy's highest) rating for the area.

One of the most interesting facts concerning this wine is that it is actually the effort of a cooperative of wine growers from the region.  A total of 51 at present count  All of whom come together to blend their grapes to produce this and a number of other single vineyard and reserve wines from the Barbaresco area.  Now that's what I call a blended wine...

While I have used the straight Barbaresco for this review, the other wines they make are equally as renowned.  Sporting a pair of 93 point ratings from Wine Spectator and Wine Advocate for this wine, the others general will garner even better ratings.  At a slight increase in cost.

Just like the last vintage, when I poured the wine into my glass, I see a medium bodied wine, with nice red hues to go along with the red fruit aromas.  One sip and I am transported to Italy, where I can savoir the flavors of dark fruit with those expressions of smoke and earthiness. Interestingly, this wine sees no oak at all, unlike the single vineyard and reserve counterparts.  Even without that oak the flavors of that old world styled wine show through with firm tannins in a spice driven and long finish.  I'm almost sorry to say that I had this exquisite wine with pizza.  Not too sorry though, as it went very well and made my evening.

With 26,000 cases made, this is a wine that should be available for a while.  Retail price should run right around $30, although I happened to find mine at $26.99 at Vin Chicago.  Next time you need a wine for that special Italian meal, think Produttori.