Wine of the Week

Bayten Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Located on the east-facing slopes of the Constantiaberg, Buitenverwachting’s vineyards
originally formed part of the Constantia Estate.  Have you got that?

What a mouthful.  And so is the wine.


I've had this wine before from other vintages and I have always enjoyed the wine.  South African Sauvignon Blancs are a special treat.  From soils of decomposed granite, which adds to the bracing minerality of the wine, to the expressive fruit, this has been a perennial favorite of mine.

Now knowing how much I can swayed by ratings, when I saw that this new vintage (2016) garnered 92 points from Wine Spectator, and the previous 2 vintages scored 90 points, I had to see what was so remarkable that it gained those 2 points.  Now I could go on about scoring and what 2 points really mean, but I would prefer to spare you from that right now.

Maybe it was the drought year they saw in Costantia in 2016 that made the vines struggle for their nutrients, something you really do what to have happen.  Whatever it was,  WOW!

Like I said, I've had this wine before and loved it.  When I opened this bottle, the aromas just started to waft.  Into my glass went the wine.  A very quick swirl, snif and down the hatch.  Okay, it was a sip.  But what a sip.  Crisp acidity, bracing minerality and complex fruit components all in one wine, and a white wine at that.

I didn't want to put it down, and, truth be told, I didn't.  

Now I don't buy a lot of any one wine as there is too much out there and too much more to come, but on this occasion I did go back and bought enough to last a while.....and if you area fan of Sauvignon Blanc, you should do the same.  I got it on sale for $12.99 on sale, and should be available under $15 at most shops that carry it.