Wine of the Week

With Valentine's Day only one day away, I thought it appropriate that I should give a little help to those in need of coming up with a great addition to your already wonderful plans for your sweety.  I also didn't want to "break that bank" as it was, to allow you to concentrate on the perfect gift or romantic dinner plans.

What better than to begin your evening with a little bubbly.  For fans of Champagne, like me, there is plenty out there to choose from.  They also span the financial spectrum from relatively inexpensive to the ridiculous.  But in this weeks Wine of the Week, I decided that something a little more affordable might be the perfect choice.

So a nice little Prosecco fits the bill.  Over the last few years, Prosecco has seen a meteoric rise in popularity.  It's bright, fruity and slightly dry finish has made it the bell of the ball.  Combining that with the method used to get those tiny bubbles into Prosecco, the second fermentation what is referred to as the Charmat method (in stainless steel tanks) versus Methode Champenois (in the bottle itself), helps keep the price of most Proseccos reasonably low.  

Now there is a vast range of quality differences out there.  The better ones usually will have a DOC or DOCG rating from Italy.  That gives you your first glimpse of quality.  Those ratings tell you that the wine has come from areas that the Italian Government has stipulated some of the best in the region.  Most Prosecco is now made with what is called the Glera grape.   As mentioned, it produces a light, fresh and bright bubbly that at it's core leaves you refreshed.

So I set out to find this perfect wine for the day.  Having had a few in my day, I knew that I could find something out there that would have mass appeal and come in at a reasonable price.

It just so happens that I found one that I have had before and that has that DOCG rating AND comes in on sale at $14.99.  Now that's not the cheapest, but for my money, I think that it is the quality to price that makes it appealing.  Now I know there are wines out there considerably less expensive, and that you may really like, but since I can't try them all, as much as I might like to, this was my pick.

Nino Franco Prosecco Rustico NV


Bent your ear long enough.  Let's get on with the wine.  Coming from the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG area of Veneto region of Northeastern Italy, comes this nice little Prosecco produced by Nino Franco.  Called Rustico.  

A light straw color as the wine pours into the glass.  Subtle aromas start to fill the air.  Upon first sip you get peach and citrus flavor.  Light and airy with a nice finish on the wine.  This isn't your creamy and yeasty Champagne, it is this fanciful wine made for your enjoyment. Perfect by itself or to enjoy with a light meal or maybe a few chocolate covered strawberry's, just right for a Valentine's Day.