Wine of the Week

Dry Creek Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Hillside & Benchland 2013

My search goes on for some of the most excellent wines from the 2013 Vintage in California.  While it isn't that hard to find great examples, it's more difficult to decide which ones to choose to review, oh, and by the way, drink!


Fortunately, I was browsing the isles of my local wine shop and happened to see a familiar name "Dry Creek Vineyards."  Now while they are probably a little better known for their Zins, this happened to be their 2013 Cabernet.  I also saw a shelf talker where Parker had given the wine a rating of 91 Points.  To top that off it was selling for only $19.99.

Now I'm always looking for a good $20 Cab.  So I picked up a bottle and hurried home to check out the wine.  Not wanting to plan a specific meal as I really just wanted an excuse to try it, I popped a pizza in the oven and pulled the cork on the wine.

From their Dry Creek Valley vineyard in Sonoma County, this wine of 84% Cabernet and the balance a blend of the other Bordeaux varietals and aged for 19 months in French Oak comes this dark elixir that ending up in my glass.  The dark fruit present from the first sip along with a certain dusty quality to enhance the deep flavors.  The tannins slightly softer, which seems to be the case for Sonoma Cabs versus their Napa counterparts.  Finishing with just a whisper of spice at the end, it was a very enjoyable wine to go along with my pizza.

I was fortunate to be able to drink the wine over a two day period, something that doesn't happen very often I might add.  Even on the second day the wine still possessed the same qualities as the day before.

This is a wine for both serious Cab drinkers as well as the everyday connoisseur.  The wine should be readily available around town and well within the $20 price range.  Grab and bottle and enjoy.