Wine and......Music??

If you read my blog post Happy New Year, then you may remember my reference to Wayne Gretzky's quote about skating where the puck is going not where it's been.  Well, it may not be my original idea, but I was reading an recent article that brought up something that I hadn't thought of before, and I'm guessing not too many of you out there have either.

It talked about how some sommeliers and restaurantuers have begun to pair not only wines with food, but with the music they play.   I really didn't read the entire piece, but they did reference things such as pairing music with wine in a similar way they do with food.  Really heavy music works with bigger richer wines and light airy works with the same lighter style wine.  

Okay, so I'm about as open to new things as the next guy, but this got me thinking, if you were listening to certain music, what type of wine would you drink.  

Here's where I think it gets interesting.  Now, as an older person (and you know I don't like to talk about that), my mind started wandering to a few of my favorite bands of yesteryear.  What might go with some Rolling Stones?  Or what about a little John Denver?  The first, maybe a spicy Zin and with John, something more subtle like a Pinot Noir or a nice easy drinking white like an albarino.  Hearing the other day that it was the 35th Anniversary of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" my mind immediately shifted to a couple wines that come out around Halloween with labels that reflect that particular holiday.  Champagne, goes with just about every food, but how could you not pair that with the theme song from Lawrence Welk, "Bubbles in the Wine?" (If you're under 50, the name Lawrence Welk will probably need to be Googled.  Could there be a better pairing than a nice rose with Pink?  I know, I'm going too far now.

Then there's always typical music played in the local steakhouse, with their old world charm and dark wood bars.  Needless to say, the old favorites are a must; good ole Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin to name only a few.  That would be more like pairing the wine with the decor or style of restaurant in general, but it still might work should you find yourself partaking of that big slab of beef and downing that favorite Cabernet or that 20 year old Bordeaux they have on their Reserve Wine List. 

Think of any really great wine and music pairings?  Drop them in the "Comments" field and let me know.  There has to be some really interesting combinations out there that even I haven't thought about.

If you haven't guessed yet, I'm kinda mocking the whole thing.  Though who knows what could become of this.  Stranger things have probably happened so I wouldn't count this out completely.  There are things my daughter talks about that is so foreign to me that I never would have guessed it would have caught on, ever.  

So keep your ears open to see if your favorite dining establishment seems to have had a change in their music genre.  They may just be trying to guide you to your next glass of wine....