I Just Had To Have

Funny thing about collectors, be it art, antiques or even wine.  We seem to have those, call it, ah ha moments when we see something and maybe we don't first understand why, we just know we have to have "IT."  

My "IT" moment happened just the other day.  One of my wine reps came into the shop and was going through the wines he had brought us that day.  Pretty usual occurrence.  We went through the usual swirling, sipping, and if you have read my blogs, drinking (no spitting for me).  He was about ready to leave and I had to mention another issue that I was working on with him.  No ah ha moment, yet.  So he's packed up ready to leave and I remember he is the rep for one of my favorite wineries.  Melka Wines.  Founded by Philippe Melka, his winery and wines are just always, in my opinion, outstanding.   

Classically trained in Bordeaux, he employs his knowledge to produce wines that are, as he puts it "the voice of the soil."  Call it whatever, I know they're just darn great! 

That was my ah ha moment and when I asked my rep what he had available, he told me that they had a small amount of the 2013 Melka Matisse Jumping Goat Vineyard wine.   Have I ever tasted the 2013, NO, did I even look at reviews, NO, what I did was order some for myself as "I Just Had To Have" it.

Now I doubt that I'm the only one who has these moments, when clarity goes out the window as does my money, but I don't think I can recall a wine that so affected me that I had no hesitation in buying it.  I even tell my wine reps that I'm not an impulse buyer when they present me with the wines they bring in.  I'm more methodical and tend to make sure that the shop needs the wine and that I have plans on how I want to present the wine to our clients.  Not this time.  Whoosh, then and there.

So how do I think I did, sight, and palate, unseen (so to speak)?  Robert Parker gave it 92+ but had lots of great things to say and as I know already about Melka wines, they need time.  Better yet, Antonio Galloni from Vinous Media rated the wine 95 points although again, mentioning the need for additional time in the bottle.  Hey, this just hit me, how about "If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to do, is to save everyday till eternity passes away just to spend them with you."  Okay, a little much since we're talking about wine. But thanks Jim Croce....

Bottom line, I think I did well and am happy with my purchase.  No regrets, just pasta instead of beef tenderloin for dinner tonight.  But in a few years I'm going to be cooking that tenderloin and asking myself what do I drink with this beautiful piece of meat, I'm going to choose this bottle and know that when I bought it "I Just Had To Have it."