Innovation or Stagnation

Well, it had to happen.  The next new innovation in wine.  Now I've written about the use of amphora, or cement fermenter, and I'm sure that over the many decades of wine making there has been numerous changes and unique ideas to get to that ideal glass of wine.

But I have been seeing a couple advertisements recently that tout what was inevitable to happen.  Wine aged in bourbon barrels.  If you haven't heard, there is already bourbon or whiskeys aged in used oak wine barrels.  In fact, Dave Phinney at Orin Swift was one of the first that I know of to do just that.  I've had them and I can truly say that you can taste the difference, maybe not the wine specific influence, but what those oak wine barrels do to the wine. 

So now it's the other way around.  Wine (mosty red that I've seen) aged in used bourbon barrels.  Now as intrigued as I am, I also am a little skeptical.  Do we really want wine to taste like bourbon?  If in fact that's what it does.  I'm sure in the not too distant future I will have to try one of these wines, or I'll have one of my wine reps bring it to me.  Either way, I'm sure you'll be hearing more on this topic. 

Oh, but that's not all.  I also read that someone is toying with the idea of adding fruit flavors to wine.  Not sure I get that at all as wine is already fruit and does taste like fruit for the most part.  Again, may not be out there yet, but it's most likely just a matter of time before it arrives. 

So does the tought of mutating wine into something else make me some sort of curmudgeon?  Maybe I just like what wine is right now.  Of course the same thing could have been going on many years ago when wines went into wood casks, or new types of optical grape sorters began to be used and as mentioned earlier and in a previous bog, we return to using cement or clay fermenting tanks. 

So what's a wine geek like me suppose to do?  Well, what I've been doing for some time now.  Innovate like everyone else.  It's just sad to think that sometimes we might be tinkering with perfection.   

So for now I guess I will continue to Innovate so I don't Stagnate.