PASSION - Do I have Your Attention?

I'm always amazed how much emotion can be generated when people start to talk about wine.  Maybe it's that way with so many other topics, but as this is a wine blog, I guess I'll stick with wine.

First off, I LOVE WINE.  No question, no regrets.  As I have said in the past, I am a certifiable wine snob, wine geek and score whore.  I love the various aspects of wine.  Growing, picking, pressing, fermenting, okay, you get the idea.  But most of all, DRINKING.  There is nothing that takes the place of actually tasting wine.  

But as much as I am certifiable (remember I'm talking about wine here) I also believe that not only do I realize how little I know, but that is exactly why I am so in love with this business.  As serious as some people can make this, MY logic is that all of the swirling, sipping and tasting leads to one thing, ENJOYMENT.  

And enjoyment is as singular as anything else out there.  What is great to me may only be mediocre to others.  That's okay.  I've only once cried when someone told me they didn't like a particular wine I had at one of my tastings.  I thought it was the bees knees, the apple pie ala mode a wine to be enjoyed for the decades (a little thick I know).  But there stood this perfectly normal (at least as far as I could tell) person telling me that they didn't like it.  Okay, I didn't cry, I didn't scoff at them, I just asked what they didn't like about the wine.  

Guess what?  Life went on.  I didn't end up crying in my bed that night, I realized, as I have for some time, that wine is so personal.  As a wine buyer, I do try and buy wines that are at least well made.  That they possess a certain uniqueness that people might find enjoyable.  But I have come to also realize that I cannot please everyone.  

Over the years I have prided myself on being able to actually find wines of quality.  So many of the wine representatives that come in are armed with their collection of wines that need to be sold or what seems to be trendy.  And that's okay too!  Bring me quality wines and I'll buy them, otherwise, I'll find them myself.  So everyone knows, this is not a dig against wine reps, they have a job to do and most of them do it very well.  But I too have a job.  Dig through the thousands of wines to bring to my customers the best that I can find.

As I reread what I've written up to now, I find myself asking the question "Where the heck am I going with this?"  And in all honesty, "I'm not sure."  I guess when actions are happening around you, you start to think about the "what ifs" and "why am I doing this" and then I remember; I LOVE WINE!  Now it hits me.  This isn't about if my palate is better or do I always choose the best wine.  It's about the "PASSION" that I bring to the job and to my customers.  I believe that that is what separates me from the crowd.  Can't tell you how many times I've told those around me if you get me started talking about wine, you'll never get me to shut up.  That's passion.  When I'm introduced to some phenomenal wine, I want to share it with everyone and share my passion for that wine as well.  Maybe that's why you see a fair amount of higher end higher priced wines come across in my emails.  To me, these wines should be shared with as many as I can touch.  BUT!  When I find that extraordinary wine that comes along that just knocks your socks off AND is priced so just about anyone can enjoy, that too is part of my passion.  

I guess it's at least true for me in this case that "choose a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life."  And I can't wait till I find that next great find.  That's PASSION!