Valentine's Day

I am on a roll.  3 Blog Posts in 3 weeks.  I think that may be a record.

So what's the deal now with Valentine's Day?  I'm coming into work and I hear all this about "The Week of Love."  So now they're trying to spread this out to a whole week?  Forgive me, but even if I did have a spouse or significant other, it would be difficult to only have to remember and celebrate ONE day not a whole week.  

Now I am a romantic person for the most part.  I remember birthdays, anniversaries and special dates when it matters.  I don't even have any issue with Valentine's Day, even when I'm not in a relationship.  Let everyone else have the fun.  But, trying to come up with things for a whole week!  Sorry.  I have to draw the line somewhere.

Okay, I've gotten that off my chest.  So what is a single guy suppose to do for Valentine's Day??  Just so happens that since Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year, and that I happen to love going to Sunday Brunch, I should just combine the two and go to brunch and have my own little celebration.  And "how" might you ask would I do that?  By bringing with me one of my most favorite wines ever.  More specifically - Champagne.

Have I told you that I love Champagne?  Yes, no, maybe!  I do know that when asked the question, "What kind of drink would I want if I was stranded on a deserted island" my drink of choice is that sparkling nectar, Champagne.  Now I'm not so enthralled as to want to bath in it or anything, but it is really hard to beat.  Thinking about how it is one of the most versatile wines out there along with the celebratory mood it helps to create, I am able to transform a single man's Valentine's Day  into a day to celebrate life and a time to remember my family and friends , both with us still and those that have departed, to remember the love that we shared.

So we've established it's Champagne for Valentine's Day.  Now the big question, "Which One?"  That's actually easier than it seems.  The answer is "Any of Them!"  Too vague?  Well, if you saw my selection, you'd realize that my tastes are pretty broad.  The newest "fad" is what is called Grower Champagnes.  Small producers that "grow" and produce their own wines.  No purchasing grapes form outside sources (and that happens a lot when it comes to Champagne).  Small production hand crafted, sort of the mom and pop types.  Just my type of wines.  ALTHOUGH, many of the Champagne producers out there can also be called Estate producers.  Same idea but on a larger scale.  Own the vineyards and produce the wines.  THEN there are the producers who may buy some or all of the grapes, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  Most wineries try to produce a "Type" of Champagne.  A consistent flavor and quality year after year, and they do a darn good job as well.  

Haven't helped much?  Ah, but I have.  Bottom line!  Buy any of them.  I'm sure after tasting a few, you'll find maybe a favorite or two, or, like me, you just like them all.....

So, what are your plans for this Valentine's Day?  If you're like me, you'll try an include a bottle or two of the ole bubbly.

Happy Valentine's Day