Wine of the Week

Neyers Left Bank Red 2014


In my never-ending quest to find and report on great wines, I found myself meandering over a recent copy of a wine magazine looking for something that might jump out and grab my interest.  No surprise I was looking at a listing of recently released wines from California from the most recent excellent vintages, 2013 and 2014.  I also was hoping to score something that wouldn't "break the bank" so to say, and come in around or under $30 as well as show its' potential from the rating(s) it received.

If you know anything about California wines, especially Napa Valley, that isn't always such an easy thing to do.  Great wines abound for those 2 vintages, but also do they have the effect on the pocketbook.

Walking through the list I came upon a somewhat familiar name; Neyers.  Now they have a very good reputation and make some awesome wines.   The list sent me in the direction of one of their offerings; the 2014 Left Bank Red.  Now I have to admit, when I first saw the label I thought that this was suppose to be a takeoff of the Left Bank of Bordeaux, France.  I wasn't entirely wrong.  The wine is a blend of organically grown fruit from Conn Valley and consisting of equal parts of Cabernet and Merlot from grapes that sit on the "Left Bank" of Conn Creek but are produced in a Bordeaux manner.

Further review gave rise to a 92 Point rating by Wine Spectator and a 93 Point rating by Wine Enthusiast.  I'm thinking I'm headed in the right direction.

So off I go to find this wine.  I can't say I saw it everywhere, but I did mange to find some and at $29 a bottle, it was right where I was hoping it would be price wise.

Sitting down before dinner I opened and poured the wine into my glass.  A deep red color filled my glass, similar aromas left lingering in the glass.  Upon my first sip I could taste the red berry fruit combined with medium to soft tannins along with an almost creamy texture to the wine.  The slight spice notes continued on to a medium to long finish.  Now this isn't your big rich in-your-face type Napa Cab.  It is a subtle lush and even a little juicy red that made me want to continue to drink more.

So if you're looking for a great red wine that will hold a person's attention, this might just be the one.  If you can't find it, have your local shop check with their Vintage Wine rep.  I'm hoping there is still some available.