200 Point Wine of the Week

Abreu Cabernet Sauvignon Madrona Ranch 2012

If you read my blog A 200 Point Wine, you'll remember that I went out and bought the 2012 Abreu Madrona Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon 2012.  A wine that scored 100 points from 2 reviewers, thus the 200 Point Wine.  You might also remember that I was saving it for my birthday, the number for which I prefer not to mention.  I was also, or I should say my daughter, was also fortunate to be here for my birthday to help celebrate and partake of this wine as well.  True to my word, I wanted to follow up and give you a report of this phenomenal wine.

First thing I should say is that I really had a hard time even opening this bottle.  If I didn't mention it, which I'm sure I did, this bottle goes for, if you can find it, around $600 a bottle!  A tidy sum for a bottle of wine and a decision that did take me a while to make.  Well, not really.  What the heck, you only live once, or so I'm told, so I went for it.

So how does one begin to evaluate such a wine?  The first thing that I looked at were the conditions surrounding the opening and tasting this bottle.  As I said, this happened on a very momentous birthday along side which was the fact that my daughter was with me and helping me celebrate.   I've talked a few times about how conditions can become part of the overall experience of tasting and enjoying wine.  Tasting at the winery or being in the country of origin.  So enjoying with my daughter on my birthday had to have been a factor.

My first step was to crack open the bottle and decant for about 3 hours.  Seemed as though from reviews that I read that that was a good place to start.  Unlike my usual ritual, I didn't taste the wine upon opening, instead waiting till we both could enjoy it together.  I'm such a great dad.  Poured it back into the bottle after the 3 hours and away we went to the restaurant.  For a little more background, both my daughter and I knew we'd both have a nice steak for dinner, so the wine was appropriate for the dinner.

Now while I usually wait for the restaurant staff to bring me a decanter to pour the wine into before pouring into our glasses, that didn't happen.  Too excited.  So I pour a nice sample into both our glasses, take a look at my daughter, who had this big smile on her face (I'm sure because she's with her dad on his birthday and sampling the most expensive wine she's ever had) and toasted.  Birthday, her being here with me, and a couple other niceties, and did the swirl, smell, sip and.....aaahhhh.

I'm not going to go into all the aromas, flavors and the like.  Why you ask?  Because it didn't matter to me one bit.  Okay, the wine was gorgeous.  But what mattered was that I got to share it with my daughter, and incidentally, a very good friend who was there who I knew would appreciate the wine.  Okay, and I did share a little with the bartender and restaurant manager as that was only right.  I could also easily see why 2 different reviewers had rated the wine 100 points.

Trying to reflect on the evening, I don't think anyone talked about the wine's nuances except to use the occasional ooh and ah.  What was even more interesting, was that the wine just kept getting better throughout the evening.  At least that's what it seemed like.  Again, situations as they were, maybe it had a little to do with just having such a wonderful time.  Didn't matter.

Once in a lifetime experience is how I would classify it.  It has to be as I will never be this age again, unless they perfect time travel....

So I hope that you are as lucky as me to be able to create such a wonderful time in your life and enjoy that special bottle of wine.  I am also blessed with having what I consider to be my own 200 point daughter.  That's wine lingo for the very best daughter.