What's Old is New

So if you read my last blog about my leaving the wine shop you might be asking yourself, as I asked myself, "What's next?"

Well, I kinda went back to my roots, so to speak.  On my first Saturday not going to the wine shop, I was asked to pour wines by one of my wine reps at another wine tastings at, of all places, Binny's.  Now I have, nor have I ever, had any reason to dislike Binny's.  As a buyer for the wine shop I worked, I did have to take a look at the wine I would buy and consider pricing and availability in my decision as to whether to buy or not. But it never stopped me if I wanted a great wine.

Ah, but I digress.  So corkscrew and pour restrictors in my pocket, I set off.  Then it hit me. This is how it all started.  More than 15 years ago I was struck by the wine bug.  No that's not a new type of illness.  Well, in my case maybe it was.  I'm talking about my growing passion and love of wine.  Like some of us out there, I had a hard time remembering all the information I read about wine.  So many grape varieties, so many ways to grow, pick, crush, ferment and eventually, make wine.  Overwhelming.

Then I thought, what if I did this in a professional manner??  The biggest qualification for professional is that I'd be getting paid.  My having to learn and then repeat the information that I learned about this wine or that numerous times would literally force me to remember things.  It worked.  With each tasting I did I learned more and more.  I also learned that I would probably never know all there is to know about wine in my lifetime.  Not that I couldn't absorb all the information, but that there is so much to wines.  No one knows it all, but it was fun trying.

So, here I am, Saturday afternoon waiting for the tasting to begin.  As soon as the first wave of tasters arrived, it was like that light bulb going off over your head.  This was something that I missed.  I loved the wine shop and the friendships and all, but the enthusiasm and all of those wine drinkers ready to venture out and discover new wine or reacquaint themselves with some old friends, really got me going as well.  Unlike my beginnings, I was now much more familiar and knowledgeable about wine and could easily talk about them as if they were my old standards.  Combining all the pouring with meeting some wine buyers from my past and talking to some new wine enthusiasts, made me feel right at home.

When the tasting finished, I gathered up my corkscrew and pour restrictors, looked around at the people still gathered in the store and felt really good about what I had just been a part of.  Walked around one last time to say goodbye to a couple of folks that I had had a fun time talking to and strolled out the store.  

So now I can't wait to participate in the next wine tasting.  Because, as I found out, I can be happy knowing the next "New" chapter in my life came from what was "Old."